10 Bollywood Actresses Who Got Pregnant Before Marriage! Some Shocking Names Read

Bollywood is a bizarre place the things which can’t occur anywhere would bound to happen here. Today, we are going to reveal the name of those Bollywood actresses who got pregnant before marriage.

Sridevi: She would be the first actress of her time who openly admitted of being pregnant before marriage. Sridevi got pregnant before marriage and at the time of her marriage with producer Boney Kapoor she was seven month pregnant couple married in 1996 and after few months she gave birth to her elder daughter Jhanvi.

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Konkona Sen Sharma: The very talented actress also got pregnant before marriage. She was dating actor Ranveer Shorey for long time when she got pregnant and after that couple decided to get married.

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Sarika: The veteran actress married Kamal Hasan who at that time was already  married. After his divorce, Kamal and Sarika started living together without getting married. And soon Sarika became pregnant and gave birth to her first child Shruti Hasan. However, they decided to tie-knots when Sarika was second time pregnant.

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Mahima Chaudhary: Mahima Chaudhary stunned the world when she dropped the sudden news of her getting married to beau Bobby Mukherjee. However, later it came to know that she tied-knots in hurry because she was pregnant as she gave birth to her first child after few months of being married.

Amrita Arora: Actresses sudden news of marriage broke only if something is not good and it happened too in case of Amrita Arora who married married boyfriend, Shakeel Ladak in quick ceremony. And latter her news of being pregnant broke out which made pretty obvious why she married so quickly.

Neena Gupta: Neena Gupta was in love with famous west-indies player Vivian Richards. However, they never got married because latter did not want to divorce his first wife. Soon she became pregnant and gave birth to her daughter Masaba whom she raised as single parent.

Celina Jately: The sexy actress married her Dubai-based Austrian boyfriend, Peter Haag, on July 2011. And gave birth to her twin babies in March 2012 which confirmed the news that she was pregnant before marriage however she denied the report of being pregnant before marriage.

Veena Malik: The bold actress from Pakistan who participated in the famous reality show “Big Boss 4” was reported for being pregnant before marrying a dubai based businessman.

Anushka Shankar: She had broken all stereotypes when she openly in an interview admitted of being pregnant and said that it is not necessary to be married to have children’s. It was reported that she was pregnant before she tied knots with British Film maker Joe Rights.

Rani Mukherjee: It was speculated that Rani Mukherjee was pregnant when she decided to tie-knots with Aditya Chopra.

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