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Know about a Gujrati businessman who Surrender Rs. 6000 Crore following PM Modi Govt. demonetization drive?

The Diamond Merchant, Laljibhai Patel’s basically from Gujrat has surrender the the amount of cash to Indian Government after the Narender Modi’s demonetisation drive. After the announcement of the demonetisation policy by Prime Minister Narender Modi a businessman from Surat in Gujrat had today surrendered Rupees 6,000 crore in cash to Government. On November 8, […]


Top 12 Off-Page Seo Activities of 2016 & 2017 To Enhance SERP of Your Site

  The word “Seo” (search engine Optimization) intrigues people. Often people presume that Seo means optimizing the site structure, meta tags such as meta keywords, meta descriptions and images and site speed. However, SEO is not confined only to the on page optimization. Although, it has something more than what often people assume about it. […]