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Pokemon Go

London: Hundreds of Pokemon Go fans were left in dismay after an upgrade reset the broadly mainstream increased reality amusement, wiping out three weeks worth of Pokemon getting.

Subsequent to understanding that downloading a redesign for the amusement had prompted the application resetting itself, devotees of the diversion took to online networking to express their misery.

Some stunned fans required any cash spent on Pokemon Go to be discounted, while others quickly hunt down approaches to turn around the change, ‘the Telegraph’ reported.

“My Pokemon GO record was reset back to level 1. I was level 20. Is there any approach to recover my advancement?” Gustavo Flores, a player of the amusement, composed on online networking.

“After overhaul, my record reset to the starting. I lost my Pokemon and all the cash I put into this diversion,” grumbled another client, Jenalee Soloman.

One client answered to have really cried after the application was reset.

“My Pokemon go application was reset and I lost everything, I was level 14 and I had quite recently gotten Charmander today. *Actually crying*,” the client composed.

One Twitter client asserted that players could recover their advancement by utilizing an option email to sign in.

“Log out of Google in Safari on iOS and afterward login again in the Pokemon application. This will settle it,” the client said.

Pokemon Go was discharged on July 6 and has around 9.5 million everyday dynamic clients. It includes discovering characters from the amusement, all things considered, areas.

Recently, the iOS and Android redesign of the amusement was made accessible to clients. It guaranteed to alter various issues, with the new form additionally including notices, for example, “don’t drive” and “don’t trespass while playing Pokemon Go.”

The alerts come in the wake of reports about Pokemon Go clients being safeguarded while playing the diversion.



Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh School Bans National Anthem

A school in Uttar Pradesh’s Allahabad that obviously never permitted the singing of the national song of praise esteeming it “un-Islamic”, has been closed down and its supervisor has been captured after a few instructors surrendered over his refusal to permit the hymn this Independence Day.

Zia-Ul Haq, the supervisor of the MA Convent School, has been captured under a law against “Affront to National Honor”. He has additionally been blamed for running the school illicitly.

A senior local official, Andre Vamsi, said Mr. Haq’s announcements had brought on “pressure in the public arena” and police grievances had been recorded against him.

Mr. Haq had told instructors that it is inadmissible for Muslim understudies to sing the words Bharat Bhagya Vidhata – which he translated as “India is the master of its kin” – as just God is the ruler.

“The greater part of us have not been working here for quite a while. We were stunned to discover that the school has never permitted the singing of the national song of devotion in the most recent 12 years,” said Ritu Tripathi, the school’s important, who surrendered yesterday alongside seven educators.

“We were requested that fall in line or leave, so we picked a choice in light of our inner voice,” she included.

Prior to his capture the previous evening, Mr. Haq had told NDTV that he had not permitted the song of devotion “remembering the perspectives of Muslim guardians”.

“Muslims trust that the Almighty is the ruler of everybody, including all Indians… Indeed, even the Supreme Court has said that a man is allowed to not sing the national hymn if any part of the song of devotion is against his or her religion,” he said.

State training authorities say they are examining how the school worked for over 10 years without legitimate consents.

“We had sent its administration a notification to close the organization around a week prior. We are shocked to discover that the school is as yet running,” said Jaikaran Yadav, a training officer in Allahabad.

The school has around 300 understudies from nursery to Class 8.

Reference : http://www.ndtv.com/india-news/up-school-bans-national-anthem-teachers-quit-manager-arrested-1441433

The battleground of the largest populated state uttar pradesh is set and all the parties have pulling their own weight and busy in finalizing their strategy. Every party whether it’s state ruling party Samajwadi Party, BSp or Bjp is thumping their chest with confidence that they will attain full majority in upcoming uttar pradesh assembly  election 2017. However, according to ABP News & Nielsen Survey which was conducted back in March clearly indicates that this time battle of uttar pradesh is going to extremely tough & interesting.

Who Will Win UP Assembly election Modi or Mayawati

Christopher Nolan’s next movie “Dunkirk” trailer is out

Christopher Nolan’s next movie “Dunkirk” trailer is out, so, watch out the trailer of Christopher Nolan next movie “Dunkirk”. Dunkirk is an epic war movie which is based on the World War II during the Dunkirk evacuation.


Christopher Nolan Next Movie " Dunkirk" Trailer


Christopher Nolan is one of the most acclaimed director whose popularity is not confined only in Hollywood but all over the world for his distinctive style of making movies.

Deepika Padukone’s Fee For ‘Padmavati

Deepika Padukone is riding high on success these days. In recent times, she has emerged as a successful actress of Bollywood.

Every producer and director want to cast her as leading lady in their movies. However, if coming news to be believed that it won’t be easy to cast her because now she has increased her fees to work in the movie.

deepika padukone's pad

In this fast paced world, everybody is suffering from some sort of tension or stress. It seems that tension and stress has become integral part of our life.

Although, a fair amount of tension and stress is okay to push up to a great degree you to give your best shot however, continuous tension and stress can bring serious health problems for you.

Therefore, it is essential to regulate the tension; before it becomes threatening for you. Unfortunately, due to lack of awareness people don’t know how to get rid-off tension & stress properly.

Nevertheless, they actually don’t know how much serious this problem can become if not controlled at right time. Therefore, we have come up with 8 simple and effective ways to easily smile away your tension & stress:

How to get rid-off tension

Horror Genre always evokes curiosity and easily catches the attention of everyone. Everybody irrespective of their age, demographic location, and faith sooner or later in their lives have either heard or encountered supernatural things. Whether believe it or not supernatural talks bound to catch your interest. Nonetheless, there are many people out there who raises the question on the presence of ghosts, spirits and do not believe and straightly laugh off these stories. But, today we are going to share with you 4 most haunted or spookiest places in the Bangalore that are capable enough to send chills down in your spine. So brace yourself and read about the 4 most haunted places in Bangalore!!

haunted places in bangalore

It seems that nowadays nothing is going in favor of Arnab Goswami. A short time ago, barkha dutt lashed out at arnab goswami for painting her as pro pakistani and hafeez saeed supporters. And now Zakir Naik a muslim preacher who have been accused of instigating or inspiring the terrorist who involved in recent dhaka attacks has slammed a defamation case against arnab goswami, the editor-in-chief of Times of India. Additionally, Naik has also purported 500 crore defamation suit against him. And he has also demanded an unconditional public apology from him and Times of India.

arnab goswami zakir naik fight

Are you having the large number of pimples, Dark Circles and Blackheads on your face?

Then, you are not the only one who is facing this problem. In fact, nowadays, it is quite common to spot people complaining or hiding their face with a handkerchief or any other piece of cloth just to avoid uninvited attention or get trolled.

Pimples are a quite common problem which can occur to anyone irrespective of their age, gender and during any season of the year. Some pimples can be painful, but mostly pimples are painless but, they can spoil your mood in morning or during any time of the day. The large red swollen pimple, blackheads and dark circles can ruin your entire appearance.

How to get rid-off pimples problems
How to get rid-off pimples problems

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The reason behind the occurrence of these spoiler pimples, blackheads or dark circles can be hormonal changes, mood swings, poor diet, stress and in taking off some medications. But, overall they look like the smudge on your beauty.

Therefore, it becomes essential to get rid-off these frightening pimple problems. If you are looking for home remedies to cure a pimple and acne problems overnight or fast; then, go through the following home remedial measures which help in healing the pimples, dark circles, and blackhead problems.


1. Use Turmeric Paste as antidote against rampant pimples, dark circle and acne problems.

Turmeric is considered to be one of the most effective medications that have been used since ancient times in India and China as an anti-inflammatory to cure the wide variety of conditions such as a toothache, painkiller, jaundice, bloody urine and in menstrual difficulties.

It also proves quite effective to treat dark circles, acne and pimples problems instantly.
To see the impact of turmeric, you should make a paste of turmeric with water or yogurt and apply it on your face as the face mask for one hour before going to bed.

Using this method will help you to recover from acne or pimples problems within a week.
So, do try this at your home, however, while turmeric is an acidic product so be mindful of the quantity of turmeric, you are using.

Do check the ph score of this powder to find out whether it is suitable for your screen or not.

2. Use White Toothpaste

You might be surprised after reading this that does apply tooth on your influence skin can remove a pimple from your skin? So, yes, toothpaste acts as icing on these swollen red pimples and act as perfect antidote on pimples or acne to suppress them effectively.

You can apply white toothpaste on your affected skin in a night and be washing it in morning will give you surprising positive results.

It is one the easiest, inexpensive and most effective way to get rid-off acne and pimples problem.


3. Steam

Steaming can also prove sufficient to suppress acne or pimples on your skin. Steaming helps your skin pores to take breathe and dispel long resident bacteria, trapped oil, dirt which may in future give birth to skin related problems.

To do so, you should first pour hot water in a big container and then take your face near to the face for some time, And then you should rinse off your face with the soft towel and apply a soft moisturizer on your skin.


4. Use of Garlic

Applying garlic paste on your face for 5 to 10 minutes will instantly diminish pimples or acne from your skin. Garlic proves a great antidote to reduce pimples because it contains sulfur which is good for drying oil. After applying it for 5-10 minutes wash your face with cool water. Using this practice for a week would diminish pimples and makes you appear more attractive.


5. Experiment with Papaya

Papaya is a delicious and mouthwatering tropical fruit which has been admired by everyone. Besides, being a delicious fruit, it proves effectual moisturizer of skin and acts as a great weapon to cure acne or pimples problems.

To do so, crush a chunk of papaya or make its juice and dab it on the skin especially on your pimples affected area for three-four hours. And then clean your skin with splashing cold water on it. Repeating the same procedure for several times in a week can help you get rid of this problem.


6. Ice Your Pimples

Icing pimples or acne affected area with ice can reduce the swelling and redness from your pimples and let it get suppressed. At Least hold an ice cube for around half n hour on your pimple doing this practice for several times in a day will bring down the swelling and give your face a normal texture.


7. Apply Cucumber Paste

Often it is said that applying cucumber on pimples does not work as effectively as other above-mentioned solutions do. Nonetheless, using cucumber soothes your skin as excellently as possible and cut down the redness surrounding your pimples.

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8. Use Honey to Get Rid-off Pimples

If you are eager to prevent this problem overnight. So, you should opt for honey. Honey is known as natural skin purifier which kills the bacteria and dissipates dirt, oil and other chemicals off your skin.

Pour honey on your pimple for as long as possible and then cleanse your face using cold water. You can also make the honey mask to glow your entire face. It is one the most effective way to purify your skin and reduce pimples and acne. So, use honey on your pimples and see the difference.


9. Use Lemon Juice for Pimples Problems

The use of lemon juice on pimples also can also work in reducing the swelling or inflammation. Pour few drops of lemon on your pimple and leave it for two-three hours and then wash your face with cold water or using lukewarm water. Don’t use packed lemon juices always prefer fresh lemon juice to fight against pimples? You can apply a good moisturizer along with the lemon juice on your skin to see more effective results.


These are some effective home remedies to get rid-off pimples and acne problems. However, if your pimples are painful and severe then you should also think about seeking consultation from a skin doctor because sometimes these pimples or acne can leave permanent marks on your skin.

The wedding is undoubtedly the most auspicious occasion in any girl’s life. And, the importance of this event itself gears up while talking about the Indian marriages. The Indian marriages are well occupied with series of customs, rituals which have their own significance.  Hence, based on the above explanation, it is reasonable to state that Indian marriages are different from marriages that take place in other parts of the world because of its distinct customs, traditions, and rituals which sounds peculiar to the people of other countries.