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The Indians are obsessed with fair skin. However, in recent times, this perception has started deteriorating with more and more people have started raising their voice against this perception. According to general belief among the people that women with dusky complexion can’t-do much with makeup. This is totally a false perception prevailing around the globe. In recent times, many beauty pageants have been won by women with the dark complexion. You can see around you, there are many models and actresses who are winning accolades around the globe for the toxic dusky complexion.

An unidentified person allegedly is thrown off a 19-year-old girl from running train. This incident took place when the train was leaving Virar station. The girl has dislocated her shoulder in this incident. However, the man who pushed her off the train managed to flee the spot. While talking to media her brother said that she was alone in lady coach when this incident happened but there was no constable in the coach available at that time. The Vasai police have said that they are looking for the man who threw off the girl from the train. They are going through the CCTV camera footage to find the man.

The girl narrated the incident stating that she was alone in the coach and man walked in the coach and demanded money, however, when she refused to pay money then he dragged her to the door of coach and pushed her out.

The Ranchi New Delhi Rajdhani express has derailed near Delhi’s Shivaji Bridge. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported so far which is the sigh of relief for the nation.

According to ANI report, the power car and engine of the train had derailed near Shivaji bridge.The accident had taken place this morning at 11:45 Am. Earlier, this morning another train had derailed in Uttar Pradesh.

The seven coaches of Howrah-Jabalpur Shaktipunj Express derailed near Obra in Sonbhadra district of eastern Uttar Pradesh.Luckily in both accidents, no body got injured or lost his/her life.

Apparently, in last few days the number of train accidents have increased and taking the notice of negligence, Prime Minister has appointed Piyush Goel as new Railway minister replacing Suresh Prabhu.

List of Idioms with A

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
A bitter pill (to swallow)
A blessing in disguise
A chip on your shoulder
A dime a dozen
A doubting Thomas
A drop in the bucket
A hot potato
A leopard can’t change its spots
A penny saved is a dollar earned
A picture paints a thousand words
A taste of your own medicine
Ace in the hole
Actions speak louder than words
Achilles’ heel
Actions Speak louder than words
Add fuel to the fire
Add insult to injury
Against the clock
All bark and no bite
All ears
All Greek to me
All in the same boat
All thumbs
An arm and a leg
An axe to grind
Apple of my eye
At the drop of a hat

List of Idioms with B

Back seat driver
Back to square one
Back to the drawing board
Baker’s dozen
Ball is in your court
Barking up the wrong tree
Basket case
Beat around the bush
Beat a dead horse
Bed of roses
Bend over backwards
Best of both worlds
Between a rock and a hard place
Bite off more than one can chew
Bite the bullet
Bite the dust
Bite your tongue
Bleeding heart
Blood is thicker than water
Break a leg
Burn a bridge
Burn the midnight oil
Bust one’s chops
Buy a lemon
By the seat of one’s pants
By the skin of one’s teeth

List of Idioms with C

Call it a day
Cat nap
Chalk up
Champ at the bit
Cheap as chips
Chew someone out
Chew the fat
Chink in one’s armor
Chip on his shoulder
Chow down
Clam up
Close but no cigar
Closed case
Closed door
Cold shoulder
Come hell or high water
Couch potato
Crack me up
Crocodile tears
Cross your fingers
Cry me a river
Cry wolf
Cut a rug
Cut the cheese
Cut the mustard
Cut to the chase

List of Idioms with D

Dark horse
Dead Ringer
Devil’s advocate
Dine and dash
Dog days of summer
Don’t bite the hand that feeds you
Don’t count chickens before they hatch
Don’t give up your day job
Don’t have a cow
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
Dot your I’s and cross your T’s
Down to the wire
Drink like a fish
Drive me up the wall
Drop a dime
Dropping like flies
Dry run

List of Idioms with E
Elephant in the room
Elvis has left the building
Every cloud has a silver lining
Everything but the kitchen sink
Excuse my French

List of Idioms with F

Feeding frenzy
Field day
Finding your feet
Fit as a fiddle
Fixed in your ways
Flash in the pan
Flea market
Flesh and blood
Flip the bird
Foam at the mouth
For a song
French kiss
From A to Z
From rags to riches
From scratch / make from scratch
Full Monty
Funny farm

List of Idioms with G

Get bent out of shape
Get down to brass tacks
Get hitched
Get over it
Get up on the wrong side of the bed
Get your walking papers
Give them the slip
Go down like a lead balloon
Go for broke
Go out on a limb
Go the extra mile
Good Samaritan
Grasp the nettle
Grass is always greener on the other side
Graveyard shift
Great minds think alike (and fools seldom differ)
Green around the gills
Green room
Green thumb
Gut feeling
List of Idioms with H

Hat trick
Have a blast
Have eyes in the back of one’s head
Head over heels
Heard it through the grapevine
Hell in a handbasket
High five
High on the hog
Hit the books
Hit the hay
Hit the nail on the head
Hit the road
Hit the sack
Hocus pocus
Hold your horses
List of Idioms with  I
I bet
Icing on the cake
If it’s not one thing, it’s another
In hot water
In the bag
In the buff
In the heat of the moment
In your face
Ignorance is bliss
Iron stomach
It takes two to tango
It’s a small world
It’s anyone’s call
Ivy league

List of Idioms with  I
Joshing me
Jump ship
List of Idioms with  K

Keep an eye on things
Keep your chin up
Kick the bucket
Kill two birds with one stone
Knee jerk reaction
Knock on wood

List of Idioms with  L
Last but not least
Learn the ropes
Lend me your ear(s)
Let bygones be bygones
Let sleeping dogs lie
Let the cat out of the bag
Level the playing field
Like a chicken with its head cut off
Like a herd of cats
Like a herd of turtles
Liquored up
Long in the tooth
Loose cannon
Losing my mind
Lost in your head
Lost your marbles

List of Idioms with  M


Make no bones about
Method to my madness
Mind your p’s and q’s
Mumbo jumbo
Mum’s the word

List of Idioms with  N

Nest egg
New kid on the block
New York minute
No horse in this race
No room to swing a cat
Not playing with a full deck

List of Idioms with O

Off on the wrong foot
Off one’s trolley / Off one’s rocker
Off the hook
Off the record
On pins and needles
On the fence
On the same page
Open book
Opened case
Once in a blue moon
Out of the blue
Out on a limb
Out on the town
Over my dead body!
Over the top

List of Idioms with  P

Pass the buck
Pedal to the metal
Peeping tom
Pick up your ears
Piece of cake
Pig in a poke
Pig out
Pipe down
Piss in one’s cornflakes
Pop one’s clogs (UK)
Preaching to the choir
Pull somebody’s leg
Pull the plug
Pulling my leg
Pushing up the daisies
Put a sock in it
Put the cat among the pigeons

List of Idioms with  R


Raining cats and dogs
Red herring
Riding shotgun
Right as rain
Rise and shine
Rome was not built in a day
Rule of thumb
Run out of steam

List of Idioms with  S
Saved by the bell
Screw the pooch
Shoot the breeze
Shooting fish in a barrel
Sick as a dog
Sixth sense
Skid row
Sleep with the fishes
Smell a rat
Smell something fishy
Son of a gun
Spill the beans
Spin one’s wheels
Spitting image
Split the whistle
Sunny smile

List of Idioms with  T

Take the biscuit (UK)
Take the cake (US)
Take with a grain of salt
The ball is in your court
The best of both worlds
The bigger they are the harder they fall
The door is always open
The last straw
The whole nine yards
Third try is the charm
Throw under the bus
Through thick and thin
Thumb one’s nose
Tie one on
Tie the knot
To make a long story short
To steal someone’s thunder
Trip the light fantastic
Turn a blind eye
Two left feet

List of Idioms with U


Under my thumb
Under the weather
Until the cows come home
Up a blind alley
Up a creek without a paddle
Up shit’s creek
Use your noggin

List of Idioms with  V


Variety is the spice of life

List of Idioms with  W


Wag the dog
Water under the bridge
Wear your heart on your sleeve
When it rains, it pours
When pigs fly
Wild and woolly
Wine and dine
Without a doubt
Whole nine yards
Wild goose chase

List of Idioms with X


X marks the spot

List of Idioms with  Y


You are what you eat
You bet
You can say that again
You can’t judge a book by its cover
You can’t teach an old dog new tricks
Your guess is as good as mine

List of Idioms with Z


Zero Tolerance

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Nia Sharma is one of the most popular TV actresses. She drives her fan crazy with her style. She has been chosen the sexiest Asian lady. The ravishingly beautiful actress has become a household name with her show “Jamai Raja.” Recently she has been seen in Khatron Ke Khiladi. Today, we are going to tell you the 12 interesting & Unknown fact about hot actress Nia Sharma.

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Nia Sharma actual name is Neha Sharma. She has changed her name before entering into Tv Industry.

Nia Sharma is a shopaholic. She has revealed in an interview that she loves shopping and want to do it on the regular basis. She said that she shops for western and stylish clothes.

Nia Sharma takes care of her physique. She is a fitness freak and love to hit the gym on regular basis. She can be seen uploading her gym pics on Instagram.

Before venturing into the industry, she was a student of Journalism.

Nia Sharma is a pure vegetarian. She loves to eat vegetarian food and support the vegetarian moment.

In an interview, Nia Sharma said that she is very much single and career is her first priority and do not come across her dream man now. So all boys you still have a chance.

Nia Sharma loves to eat her mom cooked food. Especially Rajma Chawa, kadhi chawal, roti and veggies in her lunch time. She loves to eat Mexican, Italian and Chinese food.

Nia Sharma Favorite color is red.

She is a fitness freak and wants to sweat hard to attain slim look.

She is currently working on Vikram Bhatt horror web series where she would be seen in a never seen hot avatar.

She accepted in an interview that she was in very much love while in school. She said it was a simple love, but did not last long.

Who will win Gujarat Election 2017 is a million dollar question? Opposition parties AAP, Congress is hoping to defeat BJP this time. However, today ABP News & LoknitiCSDS Survey has come out and it is indicating that BJP is set to sweep Gujarat again by a large margin and Vijay Rupani is the first choice for CM of Gujarat. The survey has been released on 31st August and it shows that BJP is likely to win 144-152 seat while Congress is only managing to acquire 26- 32 seats and Aap will remain negligible in this election. This would be the fourth consecutive win for BJP in the state.

Colonel Purohit who was released on bail after 9 years spending in prison for Malegaon blast case has donned army uniform on Wednesday. His photo of donning army uniform after 9 years is going viral. He will join unit after his release from jail but will not be given any active duty. Colonel Purohit had been seen reporting Southern Command Liaison Unit (SCLU) of Military Intelligence in Mumbai after he got bail.

Kiku Sharda who was once booked for mimicking Baba Ram Rahim has given a befitting reply to Baba Ram Rahim and all his fans. The comedian did act in 2015 in which he dressed like Baba Rahim. And Baba followers had booked a case against him and he was sent to judicial custody for 14 days. It has now proved that Karma is a bitch. His belief in God did not go in vain.


Indian cricketers seem tough on the field, however, they are very much different in real life. They are quite romantic in real life. Over the years, we have come across many love stories of Indian cricketers that make us go weak in the knees. And today, we are bringing to you the love story of Ajinkya Rahane who is considered to be one of the most dependable cricketers of the Indian team.

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ajinkya love story

How he met the love of his life: Ajinkya Rahane real loves story will remind you of a love story of Bollywood movies.  Both Ajinkya and Radhika Dhopavkar shared the same neighborhood. They were a very good friend. They used to spend quality time with each other. They grew up with each other and developed a very strong friendship bond. They used to spend quality time with each other. Later on, they realized that they have feelings for each other. However, they did not tell their families but their families got an idea about their liking for each other. And they took the matter in their hands. They asked both whether they want to spend life with each other or not. They both said yes to their proposal. Finally, their family decided their marriage date which was  26th September 2014.

Ajinkya and Radhika had a grand Marathi wedding. They both got dressed in Marathian dresses. Many BCCI personnel and players of Indian team attended their marriage ceremony. Post their marriage, a grand reception party was thrown at MCA where entire cricket fraternity was invited. And many cricketers graced the wedding with their presence. Even after his marriage, Ajinkya considers Radhika not his wife, but a friend at first. Now, it is common to see Radhika supporting his husband from the stands. Their simple & grounded love story of Ajinkya Rahane has taught us there is beauty in simplicity.

Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment

Special CBI judge Jagdeep Singh on Monday sentenced Dera Sacha Sauda chief Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh to 10 years of imprisonment. The sentencing came three days after the CBI court in Panchkula convicted Singh in a 2002 rape case. Due to risks of rising tensions in parts of Haryana and Punjab over the sentencing, the judge was flown into the special courtroom setup inside the Sunaria jail in Rohtak in a helicopter. A three-tier security ring was set up around the district jail.

During the hearing of arguments in the court before the sentencing, the prosecution asked for maximum punishment for Singh. The defense argued Singh is a social worker who has worked for the welfare of people and asked for leniency.

Dera Sacha Sauda chief Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh
After Singh was convicted in the rape case on August 25, the followers of the Dera resorted to violent protests across several parts of Haryana and Delhi. At least 38 people were killed in the violent clashes, mostly in Panchkula. The administration has issued a stern warning to Dera followers and is keeping a close vigil on Rohtak and surrounding areas.

On Saturday, the Punjab and Haryana High Court slammed the Manohar Khattar government, and without mincing words, said the government was protecting the Dera. The court also asked Khattar to explain why thousands of followers were allowed to enter Panchkula ahead of the verdict.

Haryana police launched a crackdown on Dera’s congregation centers after the violence on suspicion that followers of Singh could be storing weapons to engage in violent protests after the sentencing.

Meanwhile, police in Haryana, Punjab, and Delhi have been on high alert since early morning on Monday. Speaking to reporters, Delhi police officials had earlier said that they are ready to face any eventuality after the sentencing. On Saturday Haryana DGP also B S Sadhu said that there will not be a repeat of Panchkula violence. He added that police officials have been given a free hand to control the protesters.

Schools remained shut down on Monday in parts of Haryana and Punjab ahead of the sentencing.

Reference: Indian Express

There are two classes of people exist around the world one who eat to survive and other who eat to thrive. And if you belong to the second class of people and above it, if you are an epicurean and strives to indulge your taste buds in a variety of tantalizing cuisines, but to no avail, then Saddapind- best tourist place in Amritsar is going to prove your ultimate food destination. Thus, if you love the gastronomic delights of Indian cuisines, then, saddapind.co.in  is a treat for all foodies where you can’t only give a treat to your taste buds but also learn to prepare Indian dishes.