Astrologically speaking, the cyber war has begun to grow stronger and major worrisome in near future in 2017. Many vulnerable countries may have problem of Cyber Attack between now and December 2017 in this year, more so during August and September. Further , while 19th August to 4th September  in  present year 2017 looks to be crucial in that regard, 30 August could be one date needing more care and appropriate strategy.

This Vedic astrology writer had alerted US also about this scenario in world-affairs likely to show up in that country  as well  in August-September in particular through article – ” Astrological probable alerts for US in year 2017″ submitted in September and published in December 2016 issue of wisdom-magazine.com. This is a new kind of warfare for world , it looks.

This is also the period when much talked about World War-3 (WW3) has the potential to become real in addition to strong chances of global economic crisis. So must be ready with appropriate and competent measures to deal with the conditions which have emerged to grow fat.  It may be known that human effort and appropriate strategy in right direction have salutary effect  on taming  such unwelcome situations. As such  alerts may be construed  in that light.

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What is Ransomware?

There are different types of Ransomware. Ransomware is a kind of cyber attack which prevents you from using your computer. This virus can encrypt your data and prevent you from using it. They can attack any computer and mobile device.

A cyber attack has hit a around 100’s Countries in world specially Hospital’s and telecommunication companies including FedEx and many other companies. The attackers download this virus software onto device and decrypt the data including pictures and any type of documents. Then this will show you a message for asking a payment to attacker from $300-$600 in Bitcoin for recovery of your data.

These attackers mainly targets businesses but they can also target individual users.

Ransomware Attack Image

Here are some ways to protect yourself from this cyber attack.

Take a Backup your necessary files

The first and most important way to protect yourself is that you should take your data backup including your documents pictures etc. in some external storage media like Hard disk or Pendrive regularly. Keep your backup files in such a device which is not connected to Internet. By using this method you can recover your data back after such attack.

Use an Antivirus Software

The second way is use a Trusted Antivirus Program. Most antivirus programs protects you from Ransomware by scanning all your downloaded files. When you download any file, then Antivirus will scan all your files for any malicious adverts and any harmful trojan’s which will harm you and it will warn you from downloading that type of files.
So to protect yourself find any trusted antivirus like Avast, Eset, Avira and many others and install them in your devices.

Use Internet Safely

To attack your device hackers need to install a software in your device. They use phishing emails and advert websites to install this software in your computer. So while using internet use safe browsing and protect yourself from those emails and websites which ask you to download any software.

Don’t Pay to Ransomware

I advise the victims of Ransomware that you need not to pay to Ransom to remove this virus. They do not recover your files. These files are decrypted and you can use some software program to encrypt it in original form. If you have backup of these files then you can use it. So don’t pay the attacker there is no guarantee to recover your files.

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