10 misconception non gamer have about gamers

10 Misconceptions Non Gamers Have About Gamers


Are you a hardcore game lover and often spend large part of your day playing games?Then you must be wondering that what non gamers would be thinking about you. In case, if you are unaware of what misconceptions a non gamer has about gamers, then read 10 misconception of gamers about gamers:

10 misconception non gamer have about gamers

  1. Gamers look like this. Neck beard, nerdy glasses, fat, lazy, oily/pimpled face, physically unfit. Generalization at its best. Not all gamers look like this, some of us workout and groom ourselves. We are not that unkempt.
  2. gamer vs non gamer image
  3. Gamers don’t have social Life. Just because we play games daily, doesn’t mean we don’t have social life. ohh, we know how to communicate and be social around relatives and friends, but sometimes we prefer to take over an outpost in far cry 3, than gossiping rubbish with friends.

    3. We survive on Cheetos/potato chips and Energy Drinks. Nope. We rarely have those, sometimes we have regular food like other normal people. Just because we game, doesn’t mean we don’t care about out health

    4. Gamers don’t have girlfriend.

    Many Gamers have girlfriends, and sometimes even they enjoy watching their boyfriends play games and sometimes they challenge each other. While Some Gamers prefer watching a hot lady like Lara croft raiding a tomb, than receiving their girlfriends call.

    5 Video Games makes gamers violent. Wow, the worst misconception. Just because I enjoy killing people in GTA V, doesn’t mean I am gonna start my car and run over people in street. Thats not how it works.

    6. Gamers always dwell in their parents basement or their room. Again its a big NO. The population of gamers dwelling in their parents basement might be less than 1% of all. We game, we walk around, we do have other priorities. Yes, sometimes we might get addicted to a game and stay in the room for hours, doesn’t mean we always dwell there.

    7. All Gamers are men. Most of the gamers might be males, but there are girls who love video games. sssniperwolf on youtube is the best example.

    8. Gaming is a waste of time and you are wasting your life. Gaming is entertainment, if you over do it then its definitely a waste of time, but playing for an hour or two daily, isn’t exactly waste of time. More over for some people gaming is stress reliever. Gaming is no different than watching game of thrones, watching the same movie for 100th time. They are all entertainment, meant to entertain you.

    9. Gamers have nothing else to do other than playing games. ohh we do have hobbies and other interests, and gaming seems to be one of them.

    10. We waste money on Gaming. Many Gamers are smart and prioritize their financials into expenses. We don’t spend all our savings in buying games or graphic cards. We ensure that we have long term gaming stability with little investment and STEAM SALES. Many gamers pirate games because they know their priorities and understand the value of money. (Not encouraging piracy here)

    At the end of the day, Gaming is just a hobby and nothing more. If you over do it, then it can be harmful, just like all other things, but don’t generalize about gamers by seeing memes on internet.

    Article Original source: https://www.quora.com/What-are-10-things-non-gamers-always-get-wrong-about-gamers

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