10 Tips for Girls to Get Six Pack Abs in a Week Without Hitting Gym

how to get six pack abs for girls in a week

If you are a girl and above it, if you are a health freak and wondering over this question that how to Six Pack Abs in a Week for a girl? Then, you have landed on the right page. In this article, we will inform you that How to get six pack abs (Girls) at home in a week or a month?. As you know that having six-pack abs is a daunting task; many girls leave this thought after imaging the amount of hard-work requires to get six packs abs.

But, as it is being said that there is no pain without gain. So, get ready to shed some real sweat to carve out six packs on your stomach.

If you want to develop six-pack abs fast without going to the gym, then follow these following tips.

Exercises to get six pack for women at home.

1. Lift your weight: To develop six-pack ab fast take two chairs placed at an equal distance. Now put your arms on chairs and try to lift your weight for a minute. Try to pick your legs in up and down from the floor for a moment. You can also increase the duration of this exercise once you get used to it. This exercise will chuck out unnecessary fat from your tummy and nearby areas.

2. Plank Exercise: Plank exercise is considered to be the best workout to get six-pack abs quickly. To do this exercise, you don’t need to hit the gym; you can do this exercise at home at your convenience. To do this exercise, all you require is a flat surface, time, and grit.

Plank Exercise

To carry out this exercise, get down in prone position. The tips of your toes and forearms should be the only part of your body to touch the ground, rest of the parts of your body should be hung in the air with the support of your forearms and tips of toes.

To efficiently complete this exercise, maintain your body in that position as long as you can.

However, once you attain perfection in this exercise, you can advance the difficulty by raising a leg or arm. You can also put one foot on the other foot to enhance the hardship.

bicycle exercise for six pack abs

3. Do Bicycle Exercise: Bicycle exercise can prove immensely effective in shaping six packs abs as quickly as possible because it will affect your entire torso and can quickly reduce fat around your hips and stomach.

To do this exercise, lie down your back and make sure that your back is flat on the floor. Now put your hands behind your head and lift your legs and move them as your pedaling a bicycle.

While pedaling your legs tries to touch it with elbows. For example, if you are moving your left leg toward your face, then, try to touch it with your right elbow and vice-versa.

Six Pack Abs Exercise

4. Do crunches: Crunches are another great exercise to line out six-pack abs on your stomach. There are ample varieties of crunches that you can experiment with while doing exercise.

To do crunches lie down flat on the ground with your back flat to the ground. Put your hands on your head near the temples, bent your knees 60 degrees toward your face. Now lift your upper torso with the help of your shoulder blades and feel the “crunch” in your abs. Repeat this exercise as long as you don’t get tired.

You can try multiple variations of crunches to get fast results.

Six Pack Exercise

You can try the cross-body crunch. To perform this exercise, place your clasped hands behind your head bring your right elbow and left-leg together when you crunch and go back. Now repeat this exercise with your left elbow and right leg. Continue this exercise as long as you can bear the pain.

leg raises exercise for six pack abs

5. Do leg raises: However, if you are still thinking that above-mention exercise to get six pack abs in a week is not sufficient, then, try leg raises as it proves one of the best exercises to get six pack abs quickly for a woman at home. It is a simple exercise, and you can learn this exercise very quickly.

To do this exercise lie down flat on the ground, your head, back and legs are completely even on the floor.

Put your hands on your stomach, now slowly lift your feet an inch and keep it in that position until you start feeling a burn in your abs.

From next time onwards, lift your outstretched legs, with your knees bent a touch until they make a 90-degree angle to the floor.

After your legs reach 90-degree angle contract your ab muscles for few seconds and then slowly lower your legs back to the original position and repeat this exercise for sometimes.


6. Do Cardio as Much as Possible: Cardio is considered a good exercise for girls to get six pack abs quickly. You can dance at home for an hour or go out daily to run a mile; it will also help in burning calories fast. You can go out running with your dog as it is also a good option. Make sure that you drink 2 to 3 liter of water on a daily basis.

girl weight lifting imagfes

7. Lift Heavy Weight: Lifting heavy weight on a daily basis can enhance your body strength and also help in burning the calories off your body. If you have heavy dumbles at your home, try to lift them for few times, Along with this put focus on abdominal exercises as it will give a perfect lining to your abs.

Do these exercise five day a week

8. Do these exercise five day a week: Do all these above-mentioned exercises five days a week and 1 hour daily. Along with doing these exercise also keep an eagle on what you eat.

Eat Healthy

9. Let’s read out the best diet for six pack abs workout:

To sculpt your abs watch out what you eat!

  • Eat food items that contain high protein and less fat. Eat at regular intervals, instead of eating your heart out at one time eat small meals throughout the day.
  • Eat soybean or other beans every day as they are high in protein.
  • Eat whole grains such as oatmeal and whole-grain pasta.
  • Eat green vegetables and vegetable soups such as spinach, blueberries, strawberries.
  • Eat white part of eggs and nuts and seeds such as walnut and sunflower seeds.

10. Drink Plenty of water: Make sure that you intake plenty of water. You should drink 2.5 liters of water on a daily basis. However, the water should not be taken in its raw form; you can eat food items that contain plenty of fluids.

It will prevent you from drinking energy drinks which give you extra calories.

Before eating meal drink green tea as it will give your stomach illusion of being full so you will eat less.

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