12 Mysterious and Creepy Pictures That Can’t be Explained!

Often it is being claimed by the scientists that Ghosts does not exist in real world. And they are just consequences of our imagination. However, sometimes we get encountered by some strange events in our lives that compel us to believe in the presence of ghosts. There is a long debate going on between people who believe in supernatural powers and those who do not believe in such existence. We would not get into that fight, but, instead of that, we would show you 12 mysterious photos that have remained unexplained over the years.

However, we don’t buy the authenticity of these photographs, but, one thing is sure that you would love to know about these pictures, after all, who does not like the mystery.

The Church Ghost: At first glance this picture looks normal, however, if you carefully examine the picture, you would see a ghostly image sitting on a bench. The picture was taken by Peter Berthelot at Worstead Church in Norfolk, England when his wife Diane was sitting on of the church benches and praying to Lord.
According to him, he did not find anything mysterious when he was clicking the picture, however, once the film got developed, he noticed a haunting ashen clad lady lurking behind Diane. Later on, they went to the church and on enquiring about the lady they got information that “White Lady” who was appearing in the image was a ghost.

The Mysterious Bride: This picture is really creepy. The picture was captured by Security cameras installed in the cemetery in Texas. The resident of that area confirmed that the mysterious glowing bride had been spotted a many numbers of times by them.

Ghost In Park: Two high school students had taken this picture in the park. However, while taking this picture, they were unaware of the presence of this third person.

The Mysterious Amityville case Kid: The investigators of this case had taken this inexplicable child photo when they were investigating this case. However, the strange thing about this kid was that he had been murdered few days before clicking this image.

The hanging Body: The copper family who moved into new house thought of clicking a family photograph unaware of  something paranormal happening around them. While clicking the image they had felt nothing strange, however, after the image developed. They were shocked to see someone hanging from the ceiling.

Babushka Lady: During the assassination of President, John F. Kennedy, an unidentified woman was seen taking her pictures; while others were running around. She had seen clicking her numerous images, however, later on, FBI tried to search her, but did not get any clue of her existence.

The Hook Island Sea Monster: In 1964, a couple spotted a strange object calmly swimming towards them in a lagoon of Hook Island. It seemed to be a gigantic tadpole-like creature, estimated at 80 ft. long. After taking several photos, they reported seeing it open its mouth before moving off.

Mysterious Thumb: At first this image looks normal, but, if you would gaze at it carefully. You would notice an extra thumb behind the kids.

A cellphone in 1928?

This is considered to be one of the most mysterious photographs of all time that is still unexplained. In 1928 during the Charlie Chaplin show, a man was figured talking on a cellphone. The strange thing is that cellphones were not discovered then.

The Man In modern Clothes: It is considered to be a case of time traveling. This photo was taken in 1941, if you closely look at the picture, you would see a man in modern clothes. But, it was 1941, and this fashion had not come into existence. Moreover, looking around the neck of a man, you would see him holding a thing as a modern camera.

Goddard’s Squadron Photograph:  This picture was taken in 1919 during the funeral of officer Fredy Jackson. However, a surprising thing occurred when the film got developed that shocked everyone presents at his funeral. In the picture, they saw a face emerging behind them, and shockingly, it was the face of none other than Fredy Jackson. 

The Staircase Ghost: Picture was taken in 1966 at the National Maritime Museum in England. Reports of paranormal activity have been common over 100 years.

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