Try These14 Advanced SEO Techniques and Strategies for 2018


Search Engine Optimization has changed dramatically over the time. And this will be going to change in 2018. As we are entering in 2018, go through the below-mentioned SEO techniques for 2018.

1. Amp(Accelerated Mobile Pages) Pages

AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a free, open-source framework that allows you to create mobile pages that deliver content quickly. It consists of HTML, JS, and cache libraries that, thanks to specific extensions and AMP-focused properties, accelerate load speed for mobile pages, even if they feature ‘rich’ content like infographics, PDFs, audio or video files.

2. Guesto Graphic

As you know that gaining backlinks are the backbone of SEO strategy and this method can help us gain enormous backlinks and traffic as well. To successfully get backlinks through this method, first of all, you have to go to Google and type “Best Social Media Scheduler App” or “Definitive Guide to Social Media Scheduler” And Google will show you a list of blogs that tend to cover that topic:

Now you can open any of these links and check their popularity and domain authority by using SEMrush or ahref. If a blog has good page and domain authority, you can create a compelling infographic related to their post and contact them with a personalized mail.

You can contact several bloggers who have written in the related niche with our infographic and doing this can help us obtain some useful links and traffic as well.

Aside from searching the popular blogs through Google, you can also use AllTop blog directory or hub pages to find the best blogs in our niche.

3. Blogger Reviews

In this technique, you will find bloggers in our niche such as or other popular bloggers in our niche and contact them to use software or services for free and ask them to write a review about This technique will help us drive traffic and backlinks as well.

4. Testimonials

All companies love to show off their customer testimonials. Hence, you can use already existing social media scheduler apps and send them testimonials and this way you can also gain some quality backlinks.

5. Link Reclamation

This is a great technique that will help us to increase our domain authority and traffic in no time. In this technique, you will use tools such as Buzzsumo to find your sites or blogs who have been using the status brew name but not providing it a backlink. With this technique, you can find all these sites and shoot them an email to provide us a backlink.


Hire a Reporter Out is your site that will also help us to gain quality backlinks. You need to sign up at Haro and on daily basis, you get emails from bloggers who will be looking for essential resources and by answering their questions you can get some quality backlinks.

7. Round-Up Post

A roundup post is when you interview a few people about the same topic or make a list of the “best” of something. By doing this, you can get thousands of people on your site. And give exposure to your site in front of a new audience.

8. Give Interviews

You can use this method as to enhance your brand value and gain traffic. To do so, you will contact the famous bloggers in the same niche and ask them to interview us. Doing it can help us gain quality backlinks and strengthen our brand value.

Not only is it a great way to get different viewpoints into your article and learn new things, it also helps grow your SEO rankings and traffic.

9. Broken Link Method

In this method,  first of all, you will find the pages which have currently moved on or abandon their business of the same niche. Now, you will use their domain name to find the linking to them using tools such as SEMrush or Buzzsumo. Now you will write a quality post on the same topic and contact the bloggers informing them about the broken link and also providing them a link to our blog post written on the same topic. This technique will also help us to gain traffic and backlink.

10. Skyscraper Technique

In this method, first of all, you will go to Google and find the top ranking blog post and taking an idea from that post you will write a better post. This is also a great technique to rank high in Google and gain quality backlinks.

11. Guest Posting

You can use twitter and facebook groups to find bloggers interested in guest posting. You can use this method to gain backlinks.

12. Education & Government Backlinks

You can create a scholarship page and contact various education sites who are interested in scholarship. This way you can gain quality backlinks for You can contact government websites as a resource page to provide a discount to government employees.

13. Infographic

You can create a quality infographic and submit on various infographic directories to gain backlinks.

Using these methods will increase the domain authority and bring traffic on I have tried all these methods for my websites and they have paid me off very well.

14. Social Media Management

Currently, Statusbrew facebook page has 34000 likes. To increase followers and engagements on Facebook, you can upload videos and articles on the facebook page. You can also join groups in the same niche and share videos and blog post in these groups.

To increase engagement on Facebook, you can start a quiz competition on monthly basis and the winner will be given a prize. This way you can enhance our followers and brand awareness.

Moreover, you can share controversial posts that will help us to increase post likes and followers.

You can also run ads on Facebook to promote app and services.

Similarly, on Twitter & Instagram,  you can follow influencer bloggers in the same niche.

To increase followers and strengthen the reputation of your company. You can contact influencer bloggers on twitter and ask them to share our blog. This method will put us in the front of the wide audience and also increase our brand value and reputation on Twitter.

I always keep myself up to date with the fast moving SEO field, particularly technology and search engine trends, social media trends, changing algorithm and ranking factors.

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