30 Mind Blowing & Strange Movie Facts You Probably Didn’t Know Until Now

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  • Jack Nicholson pulled out a real gun on the actor Leonardo Dicaprio even though it was not mentioned in the script. He did it intentionally to make scene more effective.
  • Alfred Hitchcock Psycho 1960 was the first movie to show a flushing toilet on screen.
  • ET and Poltergeist were originally the same movies named Night Skies.
  • While filming for this Home Alone movie, John Pesky actually bit John Macaulay finger.
  • While shooting for a scary scene of movie Candyman Tonny Todd actually put bees in his mouth.
  • Samuel L. Jackson used the word motherfucker to overcome stammer issue.
  • The director of Hannibal Holocaust had to prove in court that all actors are alive and did not get killed during the shooting of the movie.
  • The carpet in the Shining movie and Toy Story is same.
  • The director of “Notebook” cast Ryan Gosling because he did not want a handsome guy in his movie.
  • The original cut of ” Wolf of the Wallstreet” was four-hour long. Therefore, it was cut further to reduce its length.
  • The movie “Scream” was based on real life 90’s Florida murder spree.
  • Actor Leonardo Di Caprio actually got himself hurt while shooting a scene for “Django Unchained,” when he smashed in a fit of rage. However, Director Tarantino kept this scene in the movie.
  • Morgan Freeman’s line, in Shawshank Redemption “Maybe it’s ’cause I’m an Irish” is not a joke. In the novel ‘Red’ really is Irish.
  • Sean Connery refused to be part of several successful movies including Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Jurrasic Park, Indiana Jones 4 and Blade Runner.
  • During filming for Poltergeist Robbie in actual got choked by the robot clown doll. Later on when his face turned pale, then director Spielberg realized what’s happening.
  • The scene in movie Pulp Fiction where Vincent stabs Mia with a needle in the heart is actually shot in reverse so when he was seen stabbing Mia with Needle. He was pulling the needle out of her.

    The movie Psycho was released in Black and White because Director kept receiving flak for shower scene being too violent.

  • The sound of the velociraptors communicating with each other in Jurassic Park is the sound of tortoises mating.
  • The movie saw was filmed in just 18 days.
  • In an alternative ending of Alien: Resurrection, Ripley makes it back to the earth.
  • In original Star Wars movie, Darth Vader has total 12 minutes of screen time.
  • In Harry Potter, Alan Rickman was the only other person than J>K> Rowling who knew that Snape was protecting Harry Potter because he was in love with Harry Potter mother.
  • In a scene in Brokeback Mountain Heath Ledger almost broke Jack Gyllenhaal’s nose by grabbing his head and kissing him too hard.
  • While filming for My Left Foot Daniel Day-Lewis was so much absorbed in his character that crew members had to lift him around the set and feed him because he never left his wheelchair.
  • The word “Nigger” is said exactly 113 times in Quentin Tarantino’s, Django Unchained.
  • Paranormal Activity which proved a blockbuster was made in only $15000 but grossed $2,10 million worldwide.
  • On the set of the movie The Thing, the entire cast and crew were male.
  • In Iron Man/Avengers, J.A.R.V.I.S is an acronym for “Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.”
  • The Russian made a movie version of the Hobbit, and it is available on Youtube.
  • In Saving Private Ryan every actor of the movie had received military training except Matt Damon n the hope that the cast would build a resentment towards him necessary for the role.

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