5 Proven Home Remedies for Snake Bites

Snakes are dangerous creatures. You can fall prey to snakes everywhere. Whether you are living in a resident colony, trekking in dense forest, or playing behind your house;  chances are always high that you can fall prey to these venomous snakes. However, sometimes it occurs that you stay in outskirts of town and can’t visit the hospital in quick time. In those situations, what are the option you are left with?

Here we are presenting to you 5 effective natural home remedies for snake bites in case if you can not acquire reach to an emergency room instantly.

Curry Leaves: Curry leaves prove quite useful home remedies for snake bite. It is immensely helpful and can quickly nullify the harmful venom effect. A porridge of curry leaves helps in uprooting the venom effect and can save your life.

Mongoose plant: The plant proves useful to destroy the venom effect. And being highly used if a person is bitten by Russian viper. This herb can neutralize the sting of a snake in quick time.

Take a bath in Icy Water: If you have been bitten by snake, then, to minimize the snake venom effect, one should take a bath under the cold water which will help in neutralizing the venom effect.

Lavender Oil: Lavender oil can prove useful in reducing the toxin effect of snake bite. It greatly helps a person victimized by venom till the time he gets the medical assistant.

Marigold: These plants do not only look attractive, but, they also contain helpful ingredients that help a person who is attacked by a dangerous snake. The plant contains flavonoid which helps in fighting venom. It also decreases nausea, irritation and suffocation.

 Thus, if you are far from getting medical assistance; so you can use these proven home remedies to weaken the snake bite effect and save your life.

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