5 South Indian Places That You Should Plan For Your Next Travel!

South Indian Places

There is a time at the early stage of life when you have money, energy and interest in travelling to the most popular places in the world. South India is a tiny part of our society but contains so many popular places to visit once in life such as waterfalls, lush greenery, mountains, islands, beaches, seas, historical buildings, farms, hill stations, crowded cities and many more. From the countless number of famous places, it should be a difficult task to choose the best five sites for preparing a travel plan. But after a lot of research, our team has managed to help you out of this confusing situation.

Here is the list of the top 5 south Indian travel destinations that you should plan for your next travel.

1. Coorg Waterfall

Coorg Waterfall

The place is also known as Scotland of India which is situated near to Bangalore. One can enjoy the beautiful views of grey clouds subtly blending with the lush greenery of hills, the heart-taking sounds of waterfalls and a fantastic peaceful atmosphere at this gorgeous hill station. One could enjoy the songs of their favourite singer which could enhance the travel experience. There is no better place present in the world for enjoying the real beauty of our planet and that quality makes it appear in the top list of south Indian travel destinations.

2. Kodaikanal


The best place to lose you is in the mesmerizing beauty of hills and dense forests. All thanks to the natural beauty of Kodaikanal ranked as the top hill station in the country that holds waterfalls, lakes, lush greeneries, pleasant weather, trekking spots and many more. The Palani hills contain a magnificent green valley view that admires the scenic panoramas of this natural wonderland. Kodai Lake and Berjarum Lake have the efficiency to immerse the travellers. All these things have so much potential to attract travellers from all around the world.

3. Thekkady Village

Thekkady Village

The place has so many things to capture your heart with its charm and abundance of natural beauty. Adventure lovers have loved the site for spotting tigers, and other wild animals, engaging in the adventurous sport of Bamboo rafting etc. the surrounding greenery of Thekkady is the most popular attraction available in each corner of the village. The place is also home to the massive Periyar national park which is another attraction of this travel destination. The locals are always ready to welcome their tourists with a warm smile and help nature.

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4. Wayanad Hill Station

Wayanad Hill Station

The famous hill station is one of the prettiest areas of Kerala state. The place is nestled in the hills of western ghat and loaded with enchanting waterfalls, historical caves, vast spice plantations and exotic wildlife. The Wayanad hill station is the best place to explore the untouched beauty of the enchanted Western Ghats and massive Nilgiris Biosphere. The fantastic collaboration of the natural attractions makes this place worth visiting once in your life. So do not forget to list this destination in your next travel plans.

5. Islands of Andaman and Nicobar

Islands of Andaman and Nicobar

With a low budget get the best scuba diving experience at the islands of Andaman and Nicobar. The groups of the island hold a wide variety of marine life that will brush your ears while seeing how blue the water is. If someone thought that only Goa holds beautiful beaches in India then must check out the beaches of this city, and we assure you that they will prove you wrong. The clear azure waters and white sandy shores of the beaches have the potential to amaze its tourists. Snorkelling and scuba diving is the most popular attraction of Andaman and Nicobar that provides a lifetime experience.

Bottom lines:

Do not worry about the budget as these places are less expensive and provide a memorable and enjoyable experience. The sites listed above only demand energy and interest in travelling. The southern part of India is loaded with so many travel destinations apart from these five. But these have the potential to be on the top list because of their natural and untouched beauty. So here we have made your work so much easier for making a perfect plan to visit south India.

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