Retaliate to His abusive nature

5 Ways to get out of an abusive relationship safely


When it comes to choosing a life partner, we should be extra cautious because in one way we are going to take a huge risk by nodding to spend our entire life with a person. However, it has often come in our site that most of the people make wrong choices while choosing their life partner due to the heavy arousal of love harmonies. Sometimes, we get smitten by our love interest to such an extent that we kick out the little warnings as over possessiveness and physical or verbal abuse.

Although, it is hard for a person to judge beforehand that how her relationship will turn out in future, but, sometimes strange behavior of our lover gives us the indication that it is the best time to withdraw our self from an abusing relationship.

However, if you become victim of abusive relation, then, it becomes immensely important for you to raise your voice and come out of it. Here in this article, we have mentioned the 6 ways in which you can get out of an abusive relationship.

Do not neglect your partner over possessive behavior: Girls like their partners to be protective and caring toward them. However, sometimes, this protectiveness suddenly turns into jealous and over possessiveness. So, it is up to you to comprehend that when situation has slipped out of your hand. And, if you come out to conclusion that your partner is over possessive and posing a threat at you to breathe freely, then it is the best time to talk to him regarding that you don’t appreciate his attitude. If it keeps on happening then it is better for you to call it a quit.

Do not neglect your partner over possessive behavior

Make your self financially Independent:If you are totally depended upon your partner for your financial expenses then, it is the time to come out of his shadow. Find a decent job that can bear your and if you have any kids then their expenses.

Make your selff inancially Independent

Retaliate to His abusive nature: It does not mean that you should also start abusing him, but, instead of that you should limit his words and pin point to him that he is crossing his limits. If he has habit of blaming you for everything, then remind him of the fact that you are not obligatory victim of his emotional outbursts.

Retaliate to His abusive nature

Keep your family and friends informed about his nature: Do not hide his abusive nature from your family and friends because it will give him license to freely abuse.

Do not get back to your old partner: It is extremely difficult to come out successfully from a relationship in which you have invested your precious time and feelings. It is true that you often get reminded of your lover, but, it does not mean that you can go back to him. Once if you have made your mind that you have moved on in your life, then, do not go back at the old routes. Trust us that it will never be the same again.