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Being a Hindu, I Want To Ask These Questions From Vice President Hamid Ansari On His Statement That Muslims Are Insecure In India

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Today, Hamid Ansari is vacating the vice president post after serving for last ten years. However, in his last few days in office, he made several comments which have begun a debate across the country that does Muslims really feel insecure in this country and is there a feeling of uneasiness amongst the Muslims. Every news channel is busy debating on ex-vice president Hamid Ansari speech. However, being a Hindu, I would also like to ask few questions to Ex-vice president Hamid Ansari.

Why did not you raise your voice against Muzzafarnagar Riot?

In 2013 when Muzaffarnagar riot had happened. And according to the report, the 66 Muslims were killed; however, we did not hear anything from you. Where was this feeling of uneasiness among Muslims? Why did not you take a stand against the ruling party? Well… I think that you did not raise your voice because Congress was ruling party at that time, the same party which helped you to reach the pinnacle of power for 10 years. You did not bother to utter a single word against them and suddenly when ruling party has changed in 2014, you were enlightened that Muslims are living under fear.

What happened when Hindu’s were killed in Kerala and Bengal?

The intellectuals like you sir always project yourself secular and always cry for equal rights for all citizens. However, when Hindus had been butchered in Kerala and Bengal, where were you sir at that time? Why did not you say anything against people who cruelly killed Hindu’s? Why you seculars turn a blind eye when something happens against Hindu’s are something which I never understand? Perhaps, it is being an unspoken rule for so-called seculars to don’t respond when something bad occurs with the majority and cry their eyes out when a small incident happens against Muslims.

Being a secular, you should answer this question that why did not you raise your voice against then prime minister Manmohan Singh when he said that Muslims must have first right on the national resources, you should have taken a stand against him being a vice-president.

Why did not you utter a single word against Mr. Assduddin Owaisi when his brother in public meeting threatened to kill Hindu’s if police were removed for 15 minutes.

We know that you are a sentimental man, then why did not you feel concerned when Kashmiri Pandit’s were thrown away from their motherland. You did not speak anything in favor of their plight just because they are Hindu’s. But, you are vice-president, you should have seen everyone above their caste, religion, and color.

Being a vice-president occupying the second most prestigious office in India, can you point out a distinguished work you have done for Muslims for last ten years.

In Bengal when Hindus were stopped to do Durga Pooja festivities, why did not you say anything against it? Didn’t you feel a sense of uneasiness amongst the group of Hindu’s who wanted to celebrate their festival but stopped by the administration in the pressure of Muslims?


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