Betaal Netflix Web Series Review: Treat for Action & Horror Lovers! A Must Watch

Betaal Netflix Web Series

The much-awaited Shahrukh Khan’s new web series Betaal has finally released today on Netflix. This is the second web series that Shahrukh Khan’s production house Redchilles has produced for Netflix after Bard. A lot of his fans are eagerly waiting to see Betaal. Thus, if you are willing to see Betaal web series and curious to know about the review of Betaal, story, star cast, and most importantly where can you watch online Betaal web series for free? Then check out this post.

Betaal Netflix Web Series Review?

Betaal is the first Indian Zombie web series Produced by Shahrukh’s Khan production house red chilies. It has a total of four episodes, each of 45 to 50 minutes. So you can finish the entire series in one sitting. The story of this web series is inspired by several Indian folklore especially the Vikram & Betaal. It entails the story of an undead British army comprising of zombies. This web series has an ensemble cast of talented actors comprising of Vineet Kumar Mukkabaz’s fame, Ahanaa Kumar. From the first scene, this web series looks promising and it succeeds in delivering what it promises.

The story is quite simple that a group of army men goes into a village where they have to confront an undead zombies army. Although the story is quite generic what makes Betaal an interesting watch is the atmosphere and elements of horror. The series is packed with some world-class action scenes and breathtaking horror scenes. There is suspense element in this web series as well that keeps you guessing till the end. Shahrukh Khan has got everything right this time.

His last web series on Netflix got mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike but this time it seems that Betaal has learned lessons from the past mistake. It never bores you since it has only four episodes and a lot of action and compelling story that you completely get engrossed in the story. Moreover, the screenplay and crisp editing make it a perfect watch. While watching this web series, you’ll get memories of Tumbaad as well. So if you are planning to watch something fun & exciting so I would suggest you go ahead and watch Betaal.

What is the star cast of Betaal web series?

This web series comprises some brilliant actors Vineet Kumar, Ahana Kumra, Suchitra Pillai, Jitendra Joshi, Manjiri Pupala, and Syna Anand in pivotal roles. This web series has been made by Patrick Graham who earlier directed Ghoul web series on Netflix. This time he has teamed up with Nikhil Mahajan (Baji) and Suhani Kanwar (Lipstick Under My Burkha) who serve as director and writer alongside Graham.

Where Can I Watch Online Betaal Web Series?

You can watch the Betaal web series on Netflix as this web series has been streaming on Netflix. So you can watch Betaal web series on Netflix. A lot of people are asking Is it free to watch Betaal web series on Netflix for free? So the answer is “No” you have to buy Netflix subscription to watch Betaal web series. So if you have not purchased the Netflix subscription so buy it & start watching this web series.

Watch Betaal Netflix Web Series Trailer

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