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Black Coffee Web Series Star Cast, Story, Where to Watch Online Black Coffee Web series?

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Over the last one year, the Ullu app has produced several hit content keeping in mind the young audience and they have amassed a huge fan following. Their web series Charamsukh, Riti Riwaz, Kavita Bhabhi is immensely popular. Apart from these web series’s Ullu has produced web series like Black Coffee that is being loved by the audience due to its bold content. So a lot of people who have not seen this web series ask where can they watch the online Black Coffee Ullu web series? So if you are also curious to know from where can you watch the online Black Coffee web series for free? Then check out this web series.

What is the story of Black Coffee Ullu Web Series?

The story of this web series revolves around a young Intern Arjun who has recently joined an organization and her boss gets attracted to him and she forces him to sleep with him. And what happens after that is something for which you have to watch Black Coffee web series.

What is the Star Cast of Black Coffee Web Series?

This web series stars Kajal Shankawar, Sparsh Shrivastav, Akshaya Shetty, Diksha, and this web series has been directed by Deepak Pandey.

How many episodes are in Ullu’s Black Coffee Web Series?

There are only two episodes in this web series each of 12 to 14 minutes.

Where Can I Watch Black Coffee Web Series online?

This web series is streaming on the Ullu app so you can watch the Black Coffee web series on Ullu App. Now a lot of people come up with this question that is it free to watch online Black Coffee Ullu’s Web series? So the answer is ” No”, you can’t watch Black Coffee Web series online free on Ullu App. You need to buy Ullu app subscription to watch online black coffee web series and all other web series of Ullu.

What are different subscription plans of the Ullu App?

There are different subscription plans of the Ullu App.

5 Days Plan: Get a 5-day subscription plan at just ₹ 36 worth of ₹ 54.
3 Months Plan: Get a three months subscription plan at just ₹ 96 worth of ₹ 300.
6 Months Plan: Get a six months subscription plan at just ₹ 144 worth of ₹ 600.
1 Year Plan: Get a one-year subscription plan at just ₹ 198 worth of ₹ 900.

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