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This Man Cycled From Delhi to Sweden to reunite with love of his life! Will melt your heart

As people say, true love knows no region, no boundaries, no distance- This does not just quote. In fact in real life, we often come across some amazing love stories that strengthen our dwindling belief on true love. Today, we are going to narrate you an amazing and true love story of an Indian man […]

Inspiring Stories of These 4 Rape Victim Who Defied All Odds and Emerged As Winner

Rape is one of the most common crimes around the world. Even in this twenty-first century, women are not safe. Every day we hear several incidents of rapes which compel us to think why this situation is not changing. And why women are still tagged being a weak sex even after she has proved herself […]

This is How Arunima Sinha Became First Female Amputee To Climb Mount Everest

Many of us go down in defeat while confronting adversaries in our life. However, there are some courageous people who are brave enough to take this as an opportunity and give adversaries a tough fight. Today, we have brought to you one of the most inspiring stories which will raise your confidence if you have […]

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