apple latest patent about wireless

Apple’s latest patent reveals Wi-Fi-based charging technology

The day is not far when we will charge our mobile phones over Wifi. As per latest reports, Apple has filed a patent for wireless charging. By wireless, don’t estimate about the conventional wireless methodology. In fact, it focuses on charging electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptop, and tablets through Wifi.

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how to install cydia without jailbreak

How to install Cydia without jailbreak in iPhone, iPad – iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8 or iOS 7

How to install Cydia without jailbreak in iPhone, iPad – iOS 10 Do you know how to install Cydia on iPhone different version and iPod? If you don’t know that how to install Cydia on your iPhone and iPod without jailbreak security, then, read our following guide that will help you to install Cydia easily […]

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10 Benefits of automation testing over manual testing

Automation Testing Advantageous Test automation is important to code that performs automated tests for your software. Test automation is an advanced method that completely differs from manual testing, in general, test automation is an effective method that can be used for regression testing, and this approach also seeks new bugs in a program. With the […]

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How To Remove Or Uninstall Avast Safe Zones Browser

Avast SafeZone is one of the free web browser designed with built-in privacy and security features. Apparently, Avast SafeZone is based on Chromium browser. SafeZone includes unique security features such as Passwords, Ad Blocker, Online Security, Safe Price add-ons, Video Downloader, etc. it is the effective components that may get added to windows while you […]

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Nintendo Switch Operating System And Menu Details Leaked Online Two Weeks Before Its Official Release

A new video on youtube has disclosed the Nintendo’s switch user interface including menu, the process of creating a new user and much more important revelations has been done in this video. The video which has been uploaded by hiphoptherobot reveals the switch from the start out of the box from the process of creating […]

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cool computer tricks to impress your friends

8 Cool Computer Tricks to impress your friends and Save your Time

8 computer tricks that every geek should know about Are you spent much of your day in front of a computer? If your answer is ‘Yes,’ then you must know about these eight magical computer tricks that will save your time, and you can use these cool computer tricks to impress your friends.

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negative heath effect of video games

Do Violent Video Games Make Kids More Aggressive? Read American Psychological Association Report

In the modern world, playing video games has become a popular entertainment and activity. Videos games available for people of all ages, in general, playing video games offer relaxation and great fun. Even it becomes the multi billion-dollar industry that also brings more money than movies and other factors. Teens often spend more time than […]

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WhatsApp Update: Read The List of Smartphones that will not support WhatsApp in 2017

The year 2016 is about to end in in few days. And by looking back in this year we will find out that lot of surprising things have happened in this year. The demonetization in India and donald trump’s victory in presidential election of United State are few highlights of this year. There are lot […]

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Google Penguin 4.0 Update: Penguin is Now Part of Our core Algorithm

The last week of September was full of turbulence when Google decided to launch its much anticipated Penguin 4.0 Update on 25th of September.  Ever since its release, the news has spread like fire in the forest sending a chill down the spine Similar to who were indulged in the black hat or unethical practices […]

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Top 12 Off-Page Seo Activities of 2016 & 2017 To Enhance SERP of Your Site

  The word “Seo” (search engine Optimization) intrigues people. Often people presume that Seo means optimizing the site structure, meta tags such as meta keywords, meta descriptions and images and site speed. However, SEO is not confined only to the on page optimization. Although, it has something more than what often people assume about it. […]

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