Check Out Arshi Khan’s Pune and Goa scandal that Priyank Sharma talked about

If you are a die-hard fan of Big Boss and did not miss the yesterday episode then one question keeps popping up in your mind that what is the connection of Arshi khan with Pune and Goa? In the last episode, Priyank Sharma who made a wild card entry in the house heard saying to Sapna to use Pune and Goa to instigate Arshi. He said that he knows the dirty Pune and goa scandal of Arshi khan. Sapna used these words and threaten Arshi that she will disclose her secrets in front of the all housemates. This is when Arshi got a little bit worried and confronted Priyank who denied that he did not tell anything about her to Sapna.

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For those who are still scratching their heard that what is Arshi Khan Pune and goa scandal, then let us tell you that Arshi Khan was involved in a sex racket in Pune. According to a report published in Pune Mirror, she was arrested by Pune police as a suspect to be involved in the sex racket. Even her audio clips were also found where she was asking her agent Vipul Dahal to arrange any clients for her.

And she also has ugly secrets in Goa. She was caught in a prostitution racket in Goa. She assured that she did not indulge in any such practices and flew back to Mumbai quickly.

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