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Choked Movie Review: It strongly depicts the struggle of Middle Class for Money


The much-awaited Netflix movie helmed by celebrated filmmaker Anurag Kashyap released today on OTT giant Netflix. A lot of people are searching on Google “What is the review of Choked web series?”, “Story of Choked web series” So if you are looking for a Choked web series review, then check out this article.

Choked Movie Review

The movie is excellent in one word and it keeps you engaged from the very first scene. This is the first Indian movie after a long time by Netflix that would manage to win the heart of the audience. It portrays the life of the middle class very well. The struggle of a middle-class family for money living in urban cities is well captured by directed Anurag Kashyap. The Pillais – Sarita (Saiyami Kher) and her husband, Sushant (Roshan Mathew) begin almost every morning with a fight over a clogged sink. The movie depicts that Sarita and Sushant are poles apart while Sarita manages to do all household chores and her job as a cashier efficiently on the other hand her husband Sushant fails to do hold up a job for a long period of time. He has also owned money from several people that keep hounding Sarita and her job as a cashier she is unable to pay them their money. One night bundles of notes spurting out of their choked drain pipe, and how it changes their life for that you need to watch this web series.

Talking about the performances so Mirziya starrer Saiyami Kher shoulders the movie on her shoulder and her performance will win your heart and Roshan Matthew who is making a debut in Hindi cinema plays his part as an unreliable husband efficiently. Amruta Shubhash and Rajshree Deshpande as well-meaning neighbors liven up the scene.

Where Can you Watch Choked Web Series Online?

A lot of people who are curious to watch choked movie searching on Google ” Where to Watch Choked web series online?” or How can they watch Choked Web series online?” So we’d recommend you not to watch online this movie from Pirated sites as it is illegal. You can watch the Choked web series on Netflix itself. To watch a choked movie, you need to buy the subscription plan of Netflix and you will be ready to watch this movie.

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