Good News For BJP Supporters! ABP News Survey Indicates BJP Winning Gujarat By A Big Margin Read Full Story Here

Who will win Gujarat Election 2017 is a million-dollar question? Opposition parties AAP, Congress is hoping to defeat BJP this time. However, today ABP News & LoknitiCSDS Survey has come out and it is indicating that BJP is set to sweep Gujarat again by a large margin and Vijay Rupani is the first choice for CM of Gujarat. The survey has been released on 31st August and it shows that BJP is likely to win 144-152 seat while Congress is only managing to acquire 26- 32 seats and Aap will remain negligible in this election. This would be the fourth consecutive win for BJP in the state.

Contrary to the opposition parties’ belief, the Patel community is still supporting BJP and the agitation of the Patidar community has not to dent BJP popularity at all. Party is still unanimously popular across the state. BJP is performing well in all regions. Apart from retaining his core base vote, BJP has seriously worked toward to woo the base voters of Congress party- Kshatriya, Dalits, Tribals, and Muslims – politically known as KHAM.

Well… this would be good news for all BJP supporters and parties who have been preparing for Gujarat Election 2017. The Gujarat election is expected to be held by the end of this year.

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