Google Penguin 4.0 Update: Penguin is Now Part of Our core Algorithm


The last week of September was full of turbulence when Google decided to launch its much anticipated Penguin 4.0 Update on 25th of September.  Ever since its release, the news has spread like fire in the forest sending a chill down the spine Similar to who were indulged in the black hat or unethical practices to promote their websites. After its launch, in the upcoming days, we could expect to see some drastic changes in the Google search results. However, Penguin 4.0 update made by Google is slightly different from its previous versions. Before explaining the new features of Penguin 4.0 update, let’s find out what is the meaning of Penguin updates. Because those who have recently started their career in the digital marketing field and struggling to dig out the ins and out of digital marketing will most probably not aware of this essential tool, go through the following paragraph.


What is Penguin Update?

Alike Panda, Penguin is nothing but a Google code which is designed purposely by Google to ward-off against spam link tactics and evaluate the quality of links to a website. In laymen terms, Google Penguin update stops people from spamming and misusing the Search Engine and rewarding those individuals who are sincerely adhered to Google webmaster’s Policies by boosting their SERP. The first Penguin version 1.0 was released on 24th April 2012 which stormed the digital marketers by banning all those websites who were indulged in unethical ways of building links and content.  After that in the later years, many updates were made to enhance the user experience and filter out the spammy content from the search engine.

What’s New in the Penguin 4.0 Update:

Recently, Google has come up with its recent Penguin 4.0 update which is significantly different from its previous versions. The most notable change has been made in the latest version that now it is the part of a real time update algorithm. It means that now Penguin part of the algorithm will remain active and will be updated at the regular intervals.

Moreover, unlike the other versions of it which used to penalize the entire website if find any page of the website indulges in spam activities. Now, in the latest Penguin 4.0 Update, only those pages that contain bad links will scale down in SERP or Banned, not the entire website.

The latest update will allow all the changes to be made in “real time”; it means that now user should not wait for confirmation. And the entire process will be faster and more engaging.

 The latest 4.0 Update will strictly devalue those websites who achieves high SERPs with bad links. It will now reward those sites who make real efforts in creating genuine backlinks.

If you are using the same or identical content on more than one pages to gain more back links even though chances are quite of getting caught. Because Google strives for relevant and high-quality content and it does not compromise with it.

If you are using reciprocal links or indulged in link farming so it could prove harmful for you. You should instantly quit doing that and if possible manually audit your back links and remove it.

So, it is all about Penguin 4.0 update up to now. We will glad to share more information with you in the upcoming days. Till then keep following ethical SEO practices and be in the  good books of the Google and reap its benefits.


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