How to do advertisement on Twitter: A Step By Step Guide

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Twitter is one of the largest used social media sites. It has gained enormous popularity over the years. With more than 300 million active people in itself make it one of the best place to promote your brand and blog. Thus, if you have still not explored this platform, so, it is the best time to explore it and avail enormous benefits. However, most of the people don’t know that whether they can advertise on Twitter or not. Thus, if you are one of them who don’t know how to advertise on Twitter or how to set advertisement on Twitter to gain more exposure and sales, then read this post.

Types of Twitter advertisement:

Twitter provides different advertising option for better user experience and results. Some of them are as follow:
Promoted Tweets: This is one of the best types of the ad on Twitter that help your product or blog to get more attention.

By promoting a particular tweet, your tweet will be shown to the targeted audience and this way chances are more than you can fetch more views and leads. How to set promoted tweet on Twitter? It might be the next thing that surfaces in your mind.

To promote a tweet just go to twitter advertisement section and login. Once login, you will be asked about the country and time zone where you want your tweet to promote. After choosing the country and time zone, you will be asked a series of questions such as whether you want to promote your tweet on keyword basis or tweet about, television programming or interest.

Interest based promoting will show your tweet to only those people who have shown interest in that particular topic. On the other hand, keyword targeting will allow you to target people who search for the particular keywords you are choosing for the ad.

In addition to the above fields, you can specifically target people in particular locations. After selecting these option, you would see a screen where you would ask to either manually choose a tweet for the promotion or automatically. In automatic selection, Twitter would itself choose the five most engaging tweets and promote it.

Eventually, you would be asked to set your daily spending budget and maximum and minimum bid per engagement.
Now finally save your campaign, and it would go to the Twitter team for the approval. Once approved everyone would get to see the tweets.

Promote Account: Next type of advertising is promoting account to increase more followers on this platform. You must have noticed that when you visit Twitter, every time you get to see a recommendation from Twitter to follow set of people based on your interest. You can use Twitter promote account to increase followers. With this advertising option, you can steal the followers of your competitor.

You can also choose a tweet from your account that will be shown on mobile devices next to the suggestion to follow you. After doing this set up your budget but be specific while creating this type of campaign because unnecessary followers won’t bring any positive affect on your account.

Increase Leads With Lead Generation Cards: Alike facebook lead generation, you can get leads from Twitter ads as well. Twitter lead generation card will help you to grab the email id and phone numbers of the customers to sell them your products.

So these are the different types of ad that you can run on Twitter.


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