How to Know Who Checked Your Whatsapp Profile Picture?

How to know who checked my WhatsApp profile image is a question you must have heard a lot of time from people around you? However, if you don’t know that how to check who visited your profile image, then read this post.
Whatsapp is one of the fastest growing messaging services. It has loaded with lots of exciting features that make your chatting experience easy.

As we know that humans are a curious creature and they love to know who is spying on them when it comes to Whatsapp. Hence, if you are also one of them who wants to know that who is checking on you, then use this simple tips & tricks to check WhatsApp profile picture.


You can download this app WhatsApp — Who Viewed Me on your smart phone if you want to know that who checked your WhatsApp profile. It is a simple app which can inform you that who has checked your profile.
Although this app is not available on Google play store because it is not an official app but you can download this app clicking on this link.


This app works on all Android apps.

You need to simply download this app and after downloading this app, you can check who has visited your profile pic.

So this app comes as a handy when you want to know that who are the people checking your profile on the regular basis. It becomes an important app for youngsters because they can check whether their ex-lover or crush checking on them and can plan your next move.

So what are you waiting for download this app now and spy on those who are spying on you? Whatsapp has become an integral part of our lives. It has connected us all with our family and friend

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