How to Score 35 Marks in Reasoning to Crack IBPS PO Preparation Tips 2017

how to score 35 in reasoning

how to score 35 in reasoning

As competition getting tougher and tougher day by day to achieve the dream job in a crucial sector of the economy called Banking Sector, candidates are expected not only to do hard work but apply for smart work at the same time to win the battle.

REASONING: In all bank exams may it be IBPS PO, Clerk, RBI Assistant, RRB etc. reasoning plays a vital role in overcoming the barrier of so-called Merit list. So here are some Topics which can make you score above 35 marks in reasoning very easily.

1. PUZZLES: In recent bank exams trends of asking more puzzles have been noticed. So if you prepare for this Topic then undoubtedly you are securing at least 10 marks. When it comes to puzzles then there is only one thing that counts and it is Practice. Start with the easy one and then raise the difficulty level slowly. Solve at least two Puzzles daily throughout your preparations. Recommended book for this section would be MAGICAL BOOK ON PUZZLE published by K. Kundan.

2. SEATING ARRANGEMENT: This part is asked basically in two kinds, one circular and other linear sitting arrangements. In sitting arrangement questions important part is to know about the directions. so clear basics first and then practice hard on these as at least 5-8 marks are expected from it.

3. SYLLOGISM: Unlike above-mentioned topics, if you have your basics clear in this topic then anyone with average speed can easily score 5 marks in 2-2.5 minutes. The suggestion would be to prepare especially on possibility cases with knowledge about how to draw Venn diagram according to the statement.

4. Coding Decoding: In this topic, a statement or word is encrypted in a certain way and candidate will have to answer on the basis of this code. There are no fixed codes but you can prepare for the generally asked codes and secure 3-5 marks in mains without wasting your precious time.

5. INEQUALITIES: You must have seen question asked in the form like
A>B>C<D so A>C. This is the most scoring topic which gives you 5 marks as a bonus taking least time to solve it. Try various problems on these question by making this part your biggest positive.

6. INPUT OUTPUT: Such questions are generally asked in clerical exams and are at least 5 marks. Now, this part is a bit time to consume, just like puzzles, so the more you practice the easier it becomes for you.

7. BLOOD RELATION: Generally 2-3 marks questions are asked from it but nowadays this part is mixed in puzzles or seating arrangement to make it difficult so this acts as a supplementary part in such questions.

These topics easily form 30 marks in Preliminary and 35-40 marks in Mains. So wasting time on 20-25 topics if you prepare and practice hard on these topics then you can easily score above 35 marks in any banking exam.

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