How to work with a 3D Pen like a professional user?

How to work with a 3D Pen like a professional user?

The 3D printing technology has passed many years after its advent on this Earth. The technology started in the 1980s and from then on, the technology has gained much popularity in the people around the world because of its unique features. The 3D printing technology has can be incorporated in almost all the fields present in the Earth.

A 3D printing pen is the handheld gadget of the 3D printer. The technology has advanced to a new level and people now can print and design anything and everything according to their imagination. The pen is revolutionizing all sectors and the businessmen are looking for these new technologies to expand their businesses and do betterment in their respective fields. In the early days, the 3D printing was done with the help of the LASER. The process of stereolithography is executed to achieve these printings.

The 3D printing pen has proved to be of great use to the artists and designers all over the world. The designs they create show the imagination in reality and they can modify it even more as per the requirements. It is a boon to the people who are involved in this sector. The pen uses the different material to draw designs and can also add different colors according to the material. Nowadays, more experiments are being done constantly to improve the technology and add further features to it.

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Working With 3D Pen

Here, I am going to discuss the ways of using a 3D pen like a pro user.

The Mechanism

The most significant part of using such a 3D printing pen is understanding the mechanism. The pen is built and used widely nowadays, but many don’t know the mechanism. It is easy to use and one does not need to know about all but for achieving desired results, it is of uttermost value. The pen works by heating a filament made of plastic and made to extrude through the tip of the pen in liquid form. The material solidifies after keeping it at the room temperature.

The material takes the shape in which it is made to form since it solidifies really quick. The material can be of anything since the variety of the materials which can be used is increasing day by day.

Shape of the Model

Controlling the shape of the model can be a bit tricky as the material has to be made to put inside the pen and heat it up to extrude through the nozzle of the pen. The color also has to be put inside the pen since the user would want the model to be made in the particular color.

Another point to be kept in mind is about the speed of the material that is coming out of the pen. If the surface is flat, the speed can be kept constant since the user can control the model. But in the case of complex designs, the speed needs to be regulated as the amount of the material released is varied. 

Using the Pen

The usage of the pen does not need much knowledge about, but in order to gain desired results, one needs to know the rules of using it. It needs skillful workers and users to use it to gain perfect results.

Recently, news came about building a house in China out of 3D printed products. One can make jewelry, pendants out of 3D printing by the 3D printing pen. But in case of some more complex structures, the rules are necessary to know. 

Pen Loading

The material has to be loaded every now and then, in case of huge usages. The pen has to be used carefully to attain desired results. In case of remaining parts, the pen should be doodled a bit to use the remaining part. The heated part of the pen should be handled carefully, as the extra heating of the pen may harm the pen as a whole.

The using of the pen should be stopped in case of any overheating, which may, in turn, change the color and texture of the material and harm the model.


Every time, a point has to be kept in mind that a 3D Printing Pen is a complex machine on its own. The pen, if damaged, has to rendered useless totally. The tip of the pen has to be handled also very carefully since it cannot be replaced as the only part. The pen would then have to be bought again.

Again, the filament coming out in liquid form has to be kept away from contact with the humans, since the part will be extremely hot and it may prove disastrous for the people.

In conclusion, it can be said that the personal touch is designing is always welcomed in these sectors. But there are some ways which everyone has to abide by in working with these machines.

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