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I Deal Friendship is one of the most popular web series of Primeflix. This series is full of bold scenes and thrill which will leave you stunned. A lot of people are asking on Google ” Where to watch or download I Deal friendship Primeflix web series”. Thus, if you also want to know from where you can watch or download the I Deal Friendship web series, then check out this post.

What is the Story of I Deal Friendship Web series?

It is an erotic murder mystery of Ankush Desai whose best friend is being accused of killing him. Ankush is a drug addict and police suspect him because it and interrogates him to discover the truth behind the death of his friend. However, Ankush is hell-bent on he did not kill his best friend and accuses a ghost killed his best friend. Police did not trust him and think his logic is laughable. Now, how Ankush makes police and the court believes that his friends had been killed by a ghost, not by him. This is the crux of the story.

Where Can I Watch or Download I Deal Friendship Primeflix Web series?

You can watch or download I Deal friendship web series from Primeflix. Now if you are thinking that watching or downloading I Deal friendship or any other web series of this platform for free, then, unfortunately, you can’t watch or download any of the Primefilix web series for free. You have to purchase the subscription of Primeflix to watch any of its web series. As of now, they have 3 plans. One month plan that will cost you 99 rupees and 6 months plan for which need to pay 299 rs and if you want to purchase a one-year subscription of this app, then you need to pay 499 rupees.

What is the Star Cast of I Deal Friendship Web Series?

This web series has following cast:

Arjun Manhas, Indraneel Bhattacharya, Shrutika Gaokar, Tariq Imtiaz, and this web series has been directed by Shahid Kazmi.

Watch the Trailer of I Deal Friendship Web series

You can watch the trailer of I Deal Friendship here:

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