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Is it Free to Watch or Download Hasmukh Netflix? Cast| Story Revealed

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Hasmukh is the new Netflix web series that has released today. Ever since the trailer of Hashmukh dropped people were eagerly waiting to Watch the Hasmukh web series. A lot of people are curious to know how to watch Hasmukh online for free? Or where to watch or download the Hasmukh Netflix web series for free? So in this post, we are going to tell you how you can watch the Hasmukh web series on Netflix for free.

What is the review of Hasmukh?

We all will agree about one thing that nowadays OTT space is overcrowded and it has affected the quality of Content. However, Hasmukh has come as a sigh of relief for those who want to watch something witty and engaging. Vir Das who is playing the lead in this web series has done justice to his role and shines in the role of Hasmuk. He has been equally supported by Ranvir Shorey who plays his manager in the show. Along with the other supporting actors like Manoj Pahwa and others have done a great job.

So the story of Hasmukh reveals around a youngster who aspires to become a famous comedian and work as a sidekick with a gangster for the last 10 years. Somehow one day he kills someone and his life gets completely changed. However, the killing brings the best out of him and he becomes a famous standup comedian. His pre act antics have been appreciated by the audience. And what happens with him next is that you have to watch this show. We will strongly recommend this web series to you especially if you love the Dark humor then you’d definitely love Hasmukh.

What is the Star Cast of Hasmukh?

This web series ensemble a great cast: Vir Das as Hasmukh, Ranvir Shorey as Jimmy, Ravi Kishan, Manoj Pahwa, Raza Murad, Suhail Nayyar, and Amrita Bagchi.

Where Can I watch Netflix Hasmukh Online?

You can watch Netflix Hasmukh online on Netflix. This web series is streaming on Netflix and you can watch this web series on Netflix.

Is it free to watch Hasmukh online on Netflix for free?

So the answer is “No” you have to buy Netflix monthly or yearly subscription if you want to watch Hasmukh web series.

However, there is a trick to watch the Hasmukh web series for free. Netflix offers 30 days free subscription and you can take their 30 days free subscription that you can cancel at any time and watch Hasmukh web series for free online.

Index of Hasmukh Netflix Episodes Web Series

Here is the list of all Netflix Hasmukh Episodes:

  1. Episode 1 Pakode Thande The
  2. Episode 2: Ek thi Azmat, Ek thi Kismat
  3. Episode 3: Jimmy The Maker
  4. Episode 4: Bambai Me Bambu
  5. Episode 5: Case Closed
  6. Episode 6: Hum Ache Aadmi Nahin Hai
  7. Episode 7: Machalte Hue Harmones
  8. Episode 8: Peti Killer
  9. Episode 9: Ek Writer ki Maut
  10. Episode 10: Sab Samay Ka Khel Hai

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