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Ishq Kills Web Series Star Cast, Story, Where To Watch Online Ishq Kills Web Series?

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Amid this lockdown, Ullu App has come up with a lot of new content to keep its audience engaged. Recently they have dropped the trailer of the new web series Ishq Kills and it has gained a lot of curiosity among the fans who want to see this web series. However a lot of people don’t know where to watch the Ishq Kills Ullu web series online? Or What is the story, star cast of this web series so in this article we are going to talk about all of it.

What is the Story of Ishq Kills Ullu Web Series?

The story of this web series revolves around two families who are not in talking terms with each other and their kids fall in love with each other. They try to keep it secret but one-day girls mother finds an adult video of her daughter and they try to get her married soon somewhere else and kill the boy. By looking at the trailer it seems that after Halala Ullu has yet again come up with a powerful web series. Now, what will happen whether the two souls who are in love with each other get separated or fate has another plan for them? You have to watch this web series to find the answers to all your questions.

What is the Star Cast of Ishq Kills Web series?

A cast plays an important role in conveying the story with its real impact on the viewers. And this web series has good actors Tarun Khanna ( Vikram ), Usha Bachani ( Nalini ), Akhilesh Verma ( Ranbeer ), Aashma Syed ( Simran ), Saharsh Kumar Shukla (Maakhan ).

How many episodes are in Ishq Kills?

There are a total of four episodes in Ishq Kills web series of 20 minutes each so you can easily watch all the episodes in one sitting.

What is the review of Ishq Kills Web Series?

This is one of the best web series after Halala that Ullu has created. This web series has an engaging story, powerful acting & the right amount of intimacy that’d keep you engaged. So you won’t regret watching this web series.

Where Can I Watch Ullu’s Ishq Kills Web Series?

Ishq Kills web series is streaming on the Ullu app so you can watch it. Now a lot of people are asking is it free to watch Ishq Kills web series on the Ullu app? So the answer is ” Yes” you can watch Ishq Kills web series on Ullu App but you need to buy Ullu app subscription to watch this web series. So if you are curious to watch Ishq Kills Ullu App web series so buy Ullu App Subscription and start watching this web series.

What is the subscription cost of Ullu App?

Ullu provides these different subscription plans to their subscribers:

5 Days Plan: Get a 5-day subscription plan at just ₹ 36 worth of ₹ 54.
3 Months Plan: Get a three months subscription plan at just ₹ 96 worth of ₹ 300.
6 Months Plan: Get a six months subscription plan at just ₹ 144 worth of ₹ 600.
1 Year Plan: Get a one-year subscription plan at just ₹ 198 worth of ₹ 900.

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