Kiku Sharda Has Given Befitting Reply To Baba Rahim Who Was Sentenced For 20 Years in Jail For Rape Case

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Kiku Sharda who was once booked for mimicking Baba Ram Rahim has given a befitting reply to Baba Ram Rahim and all his fans. The comedian did act in 2015 in which he dressed like Baba Rahim. And Baba followers had booked a case against him and he was sent to judicial custody for 14 days. It has now proved that Karma is a bitch. His belief in God did not go in vain.

Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment

After Baba Ram Rahim has proven guilty and sent to jail, everybody was eager to hear from comedian Kiku Sharda who had been faced a lot of flak due to him.

Now it is his turn to reply. And he replied in an epic way.

Kiku Sharda replied in a sarcastic manner on twitter referring to Twinkle Khanna column in which she said, “I think he (Kiku) should immediately go to the nearest Chinese restaurant to celebrate, order a beer and tell the waiter, ‘I don’t want any monosodium glutamate in my Schezwan chicken, you people should lock away your MSG too. Cheers!’”

And Kiku Sharda took no time to reply to him “Enjoying a peaceful Chinese meal with no monosodium glutamate @mrsfunnybones @priyankasharda3,” he tweeted, tagging Twinkle Khanna and his wife.

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