Looper Pedal: 5 Things to consider while buying It


What is Looper Pedal?

Before proceeding ahead to purchase a looper pedal, you should gather some handful information about looper pedal such as types of looper pedal, how it will be used and retrospect your need an overall budget to purchase this instrument. The emphasis should clearly be put to these factors because these factors eventually lead you to find a satisfactory product.  Since there are large varieties of looper pedals are available in the market. Thus, it is a highly tough task to speculate the working of each looper pedal or when you might need some of the more advanced features.

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Thus, keeping the above context in mind, let’s outline the features which a looper pedal must have:

1. Memory length

While purchasing a looper pedal focus needs to be paid to the memory length of the device. Nowadays, a looper pedal will enjoy having ample amount of memory to store more loops or rehearsals that are being preferred by all the performers. In fact, all looper pedal has inbuilt memory space and nowadays with advancement in technology the memory space can easily be expanded using USB ports or sd cards. The memory card and USB port will provide additional memory space to capture songs, tunes, and rehearsal. Hence while buying looper pedal decide how much space do you exactly required for your work.

2. Pedals and Switches

Prior making a choice to buy looper pedal decide how many pedal/switches you need for your performance. Since performing with the multiple numbers of pedal/switches is considerably uncomplicated as compared to the single pedals/switches. A pedal/switch is used to stimulate or turn on the various features of the pedal for instance: turning certain loops on or off on a multi-layered loop. Favorably, most single pedal/switches are built with the feature to add additional or additional footswitches to extend the functionalities of the looper pedal.

3. Reverse Looping

Reverse looping is an important characteristic that allows you to record a loop backward instead of forward. This unique feature is being used by only those guitarists who have lots of experience in this field. This feature allows you to create innovative and engaging background scores. Hence, before buying a looper pedal decide whether you want to use this feature or not in your looper pedal.

4. Use of Multiple Loops

This feature is advisable for those who want to record the entire song comprising of various layer that aid you to use loops interactively. This feature will let you add great variety to your composed song and enhance its complexity. There are a limited number of pedals that offer this facility, and it won’t cause a problem if you are hardly using your looper pedal for practicing solos. The example of one of the multiple loop looper pedals are are the Boss RC-50 and the Digitech Jamman Delay/Looper.

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5. Midi Sync

Certain looper pedals permit you to synchronize your pedal with external midi devices. This technology is considerably new but conceived being one of the useful technique of its kind. It proves extremely useful when you are performing with a group because it assists you to share your loops with the electronic instruments or musicians in your band. An example of this kind of looper pedal is  Boss RC-50 Loop Station. This feature is hot cake in recent times and upcoming days it will be used heavily by guitarists and performers.

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