Navaz Sharif’s Married Daughter Fell in Love with Indian Boy

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Pakistani Rangers are continuously doing firings in Jammu and Kashmir. India and Pakistan are in a very serious stage and war can be started at any time. But there is funny news recently published in newspapers about the love affair of an Indian and Pakistan’s PM Navaz Sharif’s Married Daughter, Yes this is true Navaz Sharif is also shocked by her daughter.

According to Pakistan’s Media, the daughter of Navaz Sharifs is the subject of discussion due to her affairs. There is news in media about the love affair of Nawaz’s Married daughter with an Indian Boy. Navaz’s Younger daughter’s Asma Sharif’s friend told that she always chat with India boy on Facebook they Love Each other. He told they know about the strain between India and Pakistan but they want to marry each other and they want to run away from Pakistan.


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