Nintendo Switch games list, price reveal


The Nintendo Switch games entire list is gradually being topped off with new titles from the eShop, while fans can also rely on a couple of huge titles coming up in the months to come.

However, away from the official games that have been reported, fans of this game has discovered other serious concerns with the game they already have.

The Nintendo Switch has no cloud backup framework set up right now, implying that fans have been feeling the warmth with regards to losing their data through dropping their new console.

while it wouldn’t be perfect to need to begin again after expecting to RMA your Switch, as indicated by one client, Nintendo really can exchange over your recoveries.

One redditor who had to send their console to Nintendo for repairs, revealed his experience of the system, telling other users: “So today i got home, first thing i did was to grab the big brown box from Nintendo.

“I opened it, booted up the switch and my account was intact. To be sure i went and checked my storage, it said that it was all empty.

“A bit disappointed I thought, let me at least boot up Zelda. So it needed an update. While it was updating, however, i saw an icon what looked like downloading from a cloud.

“So full of hope i start my game, and there was my saves are intact!

“I can confirm Nintendo can actually transfer your data to a new device. So if that wasn’t the case for you, maybe you can contact them again and ask them if they couldn’t transfer your data.”

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