Nintendo Switch Operating System And Menu Details Leaked Online Two Weeks Before Its Official Release

A new video on youtube has disclosed the Nintendo’s switch user interface including menu, the process of creating a new user and much more important revelations has been done in this video. The video which has been uploaded by hiphoptherobot reveals the switch from the start out of the box from the process of creating an account on the system and scanning through the system settings.

The most notable thing which has been revealed in this video is the internal storage space which is only 25.9 GB. However, Nintendo has previously said that internal storage space would be 32 GB. Nonetheless, according to Nintendo’s official statement switch will support up to 2TB Micro SDX cards so this video could be an indication of the amount of space the operating system takes up in the system.


The video also projects the overall process of creating a user on the system. One has to select a name, and the system will show set of images related to Nintendo from characters like Bowser to items Link’s Hylian Shield and Master Sword.

Nintendo User Account Creation, via hiphoptherobot

The video also displays that switch tablet screen can be designed with themes. However, as of now there are only two basic themes “black” and “white”.

The News symbol conveys players to a tiled page that offers data about different parts of the framework, the Nintendo eShop, the Albums page where screenshots will be put away, a Controllers tab for interfacing new Joy-Cons and checking battery life, and a System Settings symbol.

The already said subjects and capacity data are found in this last tab, as are possibilities for a rest mode, screen bolt, Mii and Amiibo choices, and setting for when the Switch is associated with a TV.

As per hiphoptherobot, a retailer sent the preordered Switch early, thoughhiphoptherobot declined to state what outlet and to where the framework was transported. 

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