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Rajsi Verma is the new internet sensation. She is hugely popular among the youngsters due to her bold scenes in adult web series. A lot of her fans want to know about Rajsi Verma her life such as who is the boyfriend of Rajsi Verma? What is the total income of Rajsi Verma? What are some of the jaw-dropping hot images of Rajsi Verma? Or Hot scenes of Rajsi Verma?

So if you are also a fan of Rajsi Verma and curious to know about her life, then check out this article.

Rajsi Verma Wikipedia:

Rajsi Verma is an Indian model and actress who was born on 2nd April 1985. She is 35 years old as of now. She has worked in several commercials and movies. She made her acting debut with Beiman Love in 2013 which was directed by Rajeev Chaudhary. And after working in this movie, she did not look back and she stared bagging roles in several movies, however, she was only getting small roles that went unnoticed. She got a breakthrough when she acted in the Ullu app Charmsukh Mom & Daughter web series where she did some bold scenes and it made her famous among the youngsters. Considering the success of Mom & Daughter, she worked in the Charmsukh Sautela Pyaar web series and Kooku app Woh Teacher web series. She has also worked in the Primeflix Tharkistan web series.

What are the Interesting Facts About Rajsi Verma:

There is not much information available about Rajsi Verma, we only got to know that she loves making the Tiktok videos.

What are the Social Media Profiles of Rajsi Verma?

Rajsi Verma is quite active on social media. She keeps uploading her videos on Tiktok and also on Instagram she keeps sharing her pics about what is going on in her life. She also has a Facebook page where she shares her pics. On Instagram, she has 90 thousand followers.

Who is the Husband or Boyfriend of Rajsi Verma?

We don’t have any information about who is the husband or boyfriend of Rajsi Verma. She seems to be a private person and she does not share any information about her personal life.

What is the Total Income of Rajsi Verma?

The total income of Rajsi Verma is 1 crore Indian Rupees in 2019. However, this is just an estimation of her income. The real income of Rajsi Verma can be more than it.

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