Rejctx Season 2 Star Cast, Where Can I Watch Rejctx Season 2 Online?

rejctx season 2 online

One of the most popular web series Rejctx season 2 starring Esha Gupta finally released and it has received mixed reviews from critics and fans. However, the fan of the first season of Rejctx was eagerly waiting for the second season of Rejctx. So if you are curious to watch the second season of Rejctx and want to know from where you can watch Rejctx season 2 online? Then check out this article.

What is the story of Rejctx Season 2?

The story of this season revolves around Aarav who has a troubled past with his father and tries to kill him but could only get him wounded. Aarav starts relation with Anushka who gets killed under mysterious circumstances and Inspector Rene a character played by Esha Gupta is being called to investigate the case. There are several characters who are under the radar of Inspector Rene and she investigates to find out who actually killed Anushka. The show is full of suspense and drama and as it is a show that focuses on youth so there are a lot of steamy scenes in this season.

What is the Star Cast of Rejctx Season 2?

This season has a promising star cast including Esha Gupta, Sumeet Vyas, Kubra Sait, Masi Wali, Anisha Victor, Saadhika Syal, Ayush Khurana, Prabhneet Singh, Ridhi Khakhar and Tanvi Shinde. This season is not as engaging as the first season so if you want to give this season a miss so you can go ahead with it.

Where Can I Watch Rejctx Season 2 Online?

If you are eager to watch this show online so this show is streaming live on Zee5 so you can watch Rejctx season 2 on Zee 5. Now if you would be thinking is it free to watch Rejctx season 2 online for free on Zee 5? Then answer is “No”, you have to buy Zee5 subscription to watch Rejctx season 2.

Monthly Plan: In this plan, you can get access to all Zee 5 originals content in just 99 rupees for a month.
Six-month plan: In this plan, you will get access to all Zee5 content in 599 rupees for six months.
Annual Plan: In this plan, you have to pay 999 rupees to watch all Zee 5 content.

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