Reservation: A Solution or Problem Itself

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RESERVATION  is not only the mockery of world’s longest written constitution but also a symbol of the failure of political parties in addressing the grievances of deprived classes of world’s largest democracy i.e. INDIA.

The RESERVATION which is the so-called solution of all the problems of underprivileged classes and schedule castes has itself become the root cause for inequality in Indian society. A Constitution that boasts of its RIGHT TO EQUALITY, gives everything except EQUALITY.

In order to diagnose the disease of DISCRIMINATION, our politicians brought a further CONTAGIOUS disease called RESERVATION which is contacting different castes in every part of our EK BHARAT SHRESHTA BHARAT.

Who could have wondered that in India PATELS and GUJJARS would demand reservation, a class in society which is generally well settled but there is nothing wrong in this because they are demanding what SC ST OBC and don’t know what categories are getting for the sake of the class or caste they are from.

Reasons given in favor of reservation shows nothing but the incapability of our leaders in solving the problem of Inequality in society. How can Equality be set up in community by bringing measures of inequality like Reservation, can only be understood either by politicians or by deranged.

Undoubtedly above said classes and castes had faced and some are still facing discrimination in some part of the country but it doesn’t mean that to bring equality, those classes which are advanced than these classes should be pulled back with unmatured and populist measures like Reservation.

Rather these classes should be made capable of competing with other classes by providing financial assistance, skill development etc. Because Reservation is NOT A SOLUTION BUT PROBLEM ITSELF. This contagious disease not only stop till Patels and Gujjars but it will contaminate lots of other castes and classes and no one can foretell where it is going to STOP.

Because reservation is only increasing the rift between classes where one scores only 55% and gets a job and other after scoring 80% yet remains empty-handed, where one pays 50rs to fill a form and other 500rs. So let us hope that in the future out country might get courageous politicians who can throw this root cause of discrimination out of our system.

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