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Do you know Singardaan is a popular web series on Ullu Originals? The first trailer of this web series was released on Jan 16, 2019, and after four days Ullu Originals officially released the Singardaan web series on its video streaming platform. After the release of the trailer, this web series gained more popularity among Ullu people. Many people started searching for a way to watch or download this web series online. Here we are going to explain some important things which you should know about this web series while watching or downloading online.

What is the Story of Singardaan Web Series?

Singardaan is full of drama, love, and suspense. The full story of the Singardaan web series rotates around the makeup box of a girl named Shabnam and a man Gupta Ji. Gupta Ji falls in love with Shabnam who is a prostitute by profession. Shabnam has a makeup box and after the death of Shabnam Gupta Ji takes her box to his home. And here the suspense starts the box turns her wife and daughter into a prostitute.

Here the suspense begins how Gupta Ji will save her wife and daughter and how he will get away from that box. To reveal all this suspense you have to watch the full series.

What is the Star Cast of Ullu’s Singardaan Web Series?

The star cast of Ullu’s Singardaan Web Series is Amar Upadhyay, Shraddha Das, Tanima Bhattacharya, Gemini Singh, Ankita Dave, Amita Nangia and Gaurav Salvi. And the director of this web series is Deepak Pandey.

Where Can I Watch Singardaan Ullu Web Series Online?

After getting some hint about this web series if you are willing to watch this web series then you can watch it online on the Ullu App. Ullu is an online video streaming platform where many web series like Singardaan release. You can download this app from the play store for android users and App store from iPhone users.

Is it free to watch or download the Singardaan series online?

If you are searching to watch or download the Singardaan series online for free then the answer is ‘No’. For your information, we want to let you know that we do not promote watching or downloading this web series online from unofficial websites because it is against the law. But if you want to watch it legally then you have to take Ullu Original’s paid subscription plan to watch this web series.

What are the different subscription plans of Ullu?

Ullu provides four different subscription plans for its users. The main benefit of these plans is you can watch many web series and movies including Singardaan. All the web series and movies on Ullu App are full of entertainment. These web series can help in spending your free time to get entertained. These plans are:

  1. 5 Days Plan: Get a 5-day subscription plan at just ₹ 36 worth of ₹ 54.
  2. 3 Months Plan: Get a three months subscription plan at just ₹ 96 worth of ₹ 300.
  3. 6 Months Plan: Get a six months subscription plan at just ₹ 144 worth of ₹ 600.
  4. 1 Year Plan: Get a one-year subscription plan at just ₹ 198 worth of ₹ 900.

Watch Ullu’s Singardaan Web Series Official Trailer

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