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Size Matters 2 Ullu Web Series Star Cast, Story | Where to Watch Online Revealed

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Size Matters is one of the most popular web series of the Ullu app. Considering the success of the first part, the makers have now released the second part of this web series Size Matters season 2. This web series released on 8th May 2020 to positive reviews where everybody likes the content of the show which reflects the hypocrisy of our society where women being judged based upon the size of her assets. The web series has some bold scenes, however, although it belongs to the erotic genre it raises the right questions & hypocrisy which is evident in our society. A lot of people have complained that Ullu app content is always erotic and it does not have a story but after the Halala web series Size Matters 2 will change people’s thoughts about this app.

What is the story of Size Matters 2?

The story of this web series revolves around a sweet young girl Aarohi who is in love with Aadi but does not have guts to confront her feelings for him. She has to face a lot of body shaming due to her size. Everybody seems to take advantage of her and humiliate her including her friends and family. Will she be able to confront her true feelings to Aadi? Or succumb under the pressure of society? This is the crux of the Size Matters 2 story.

What is the star cast of Size Matters 2?

The series star Shaikha Kumariy who plays Aarohi and Ravi Bhatia play the role of Aadi. The other star cast includes Karan Singh and Anmol. The series has been directed by Sumeet Kumar Sodani. The trailer of this web series was dropped on 3rd May and it got released on 8th May.

Where can you Watch Online Size Matters 2 web series?

This web series is streaming on the Ullu app so you can watch Size Matters 2 web series on the Ullu app. A lot of people want to know is it free to watch Size Matters 2 online on the Ullu app? So the answer is ” No” it is not free and you have to purchase their subscription if you want to watch this web series.

What is the subscription cost of Ullu App?

Ullu provides these different subscription plans to their subscribers:

5 Days Plan: Get a 5-day subscription plan at just ₹ 36 worth of ₹ 54.
3 Months Plan: Get a three months subscription plan at just ₹ 96 worth of ₹ 300.
6 Months Plan: Get a six months subscription plan at just ₹ 144 worth of ₹ 600.
1 Year Plan: Get a one-year subscription plan at just ₹ 198 worth of ₹ 900.

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