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Suno Sasur Ji Kooku App Web Series Watch or Download from Kooku App Free

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Suno Sasur Ji is Kooku app new web series that you can watch or download from the Kooku App itself. Kooku App is immensely famous across youngsters for providing the erotic content and their all web series’s have been quite a hit among the youngsters. This app is similar to the Ullu app where you can watch or download erotic content.

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What is the Story of Suno Sasur Ji Kooku Web series?

The story of this series revolves around a wife who is unsatisfied with her husband because his husband is not able to fulfill her desires. She tries everything to fulfill her needs and his father in law came to know about her tactics to please herself. He seduces her and then an illicit relationship commences between both and she becomes pregnant which leaves her husband into shock that how come she became pregnant, You should see this series for its love scenes.

When Suno Sasur Ji Web series is releasing?

This web series is going to release on 3rd April 2020. A lot of people are curious to know from where they can watch or download the Suno Sasur Ji Kukko app series. So instead of downloading it from torrent or some other sources, we will suggest you watch or download Suno Sasur Ji from the Kooku app itself. The one reason is that it is safe as you know that watching copyrighted content is an offense in India, so you should not watch or download any type of content from torrent sites. You can watch or download it from Kooku itself because it is inexpensive. The one-month subscription charges are 45 rupees and a one-year subscription is 99 rupees. So we don’t see the point of downloading or watching the Kooku web series from torrent sites.

Watch Trailer of Suno Sasur Ji Kooku App

Here you can find the trailer of Suno Sasur Ji

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