Rise of Gambling Sites in India

The Rise of Gambling Sites in India


Gambling often is a hot button topic in India. The vast country and its many ethnic groups often make clear legislation on such matters difficult. This often leads to grey areas where legal standing isn’t clear.

Thankfully, online gambling sites and casinos have been able to avoid these situations. The ease of use, good interface, and, most importantly, legal standing has led to the rise of gambling sites in India.

What Fuels this Rise?

A big part of this question is easily answered. The greater penetration of smartphones and higher internet connectivity is fueling the popularity of gaming and gambling sites. The availability of several apps and easy to use platforms and online casinos have attracted several users.

Although there is a caveat that needs to be addressed, the biggest winner here is the conventional mobile gaming market, which has seen an exponential increase. However, one must note that gambling sites start at a disadvantage. They can’t advertise as fervently as other gaming options and have to wade through the murky legal waters.

Considering these handicaps, it is indeed surprising and encouraging to see the success of Indian sites. Many people appear to be attracted to these sites and apps, which has resulted in steadily growing participation across these platforms.

The Current State of Online Gambling Site Popularity in India

Online gambling in India can still be considered to be at the nascent stage. The industry is somewhat fragmented, and a larger ecosystem doesn’t seem readily available. That said, the interest from Indian users remains ever-increasing, though several users end up using online casinos in other countries. This can largely be attributed to countries with better online ecosystems for casinos leveraging their position.

However, steadily increasing volumes of Indian sites do present some hope. These platforms have made considerable development to attract Indian users. Plus, they are an excellent place to enjoy conventional Indian games like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar.

Increasing trust in Indian online casinos and their growth has encouraged users/players to give these platforms a shot. Indian players gambling at JungleRaja often see the site as a well-designed platform with an excellent user-interface.

Another factor is that payments can be made from your bank account, and money can be easily transferred to and from your bank account. These platforms have proven consistent, which, in turn, have helped with consumer sentiment and confidence.

Bringing Classic Indian Preferences toan Online Setup

Indian sites have been fairly successful in leveraging local preferences and requirements to serve with their casinos. Adding popular gaming options like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar has encouraged users to move to more India-specific options.

It’s not just card games that are making it big. It’s also quintessentially Indian interests like cricket and other sports that are fueling the change. Cricket is, by far, the most popular sport in the country. This means cricket fans are familiar with the game and have clear expectations. Players like these often find more interest in cricket, especially during some important series and events.

It’s a great way to leverage your love and knowledge of the game while also managing to earn some extra money. It’s the proverbial win-win. As with other options, many online casinos and gambling sites can handle this requirement.

For a focused experience, users often pick sites with a niche experience area. For an experience that is enriched by the experience of sports, visit 10cric.com. This online platform has a clean interface and thus, makes picking your favourite sport convenient.

Plus, the operator’s clean standing and the swift and non-problematic bank transfers make them a good choice.


Increasing smartphone ownership and internet penetration has resulted in greater interest in gambling sites in India. Though they’re riding the mobile device boom, they appear to focus on better service and growth.

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