Top 5 WordPress Plugins For Improving The Loading Time Of Your Blog

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WordPress is the popular blogging software on the market used by millions of people across the world. WordPress is a full-fledged Content Management System, and it is estimated with more than 27% websites are using the WordPress. One of the most important techniques to improve the speed and feature of WordPress is through enabling the add-ons i.e. plugins. With recent updates to Google’s ranking algorithm, the loading speed of a site become most important for the ranking of the website.

W3 Total Cache:
To speed up your WordPress site, one of the best tool suitable is W3 Total Cache and it imposes the automatic cache control with database objects, pages, content, posts and many others. W3 Total Cache improves the server-side performance and automatically reduces the download times.

EWWW Image Optimizer:

EWWW Image Optimizer plugin is a must have for all the WordPress site as it reduces the image file size with compressing the PNG and JPG files then converting them to high size formats.

Advanced Lazy Load:

When the images are compressed, then they could automatically make the website look sluggish unusually. To deal with these issues, Lazy Load is the top end WordPress mechanism. Advanced Lazy Load normally activates the lazy load mode making the image to load then scrolled up in the visible area.


Database of the site is the most important reason for the site to get slower. Normally, most websites do not have the huge database however they are many redundant rows. When removing such rows, it would speed up the process in WordPress. WP-optimize act as the top database optimization plug-in that would identify the redundant automatically.

GZip Ninja Speed Compression:

WordPress developers normally use more space for keeping the code in well-documented manner. Therefore, it automatically results in the excessive number of storing of cache memory. GZip Ninja Speed Compression excellently removes the useless space to make the CSS, HTML and other files smaller.


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