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Trishna is a new Kooku app web series that was released yesterday on this app. Ever since the trailer of this web series was dropped, all Kooku app fans are eagerly waiting to watch this web series. This web series likely have a lot of steamy scenes that have made its trailer immensely popular among youngsters. Thus, if you are curious to know where you can watch the Kooku Trishna web series online for free? What is the story and review of the Trishna web series? Then check out this post.

What is the Story of Trishna Web Series?

The story of this web series revolves around a beautiful woman who is in a relationship with a wealthy man whom she loves from her heart. But unfortunately, he dies one day leaving her alone. She has to confront several problems and to make the ends meet she makes relationships with several men. Her life becomes miserable and what happens with her and how she tackles this situation. You need to watch this web series to find out.

What is the Star Cast of Trishna Web Series?

This web series has the following star cast: Saira Khan, Ajay Singh, Akash Lapasiya, Anuradha Rana, Rushan Shaikh, Suneet Gaur, Vijay Kumar, Vivek Gaur, Vipin Singh, and Vikas Verma.

Where Can I Watch Kooku’s Trishna Web Series Online for Free?

Trishna web series was released yesterday and it is streaming live on Kooku. You can catch all episodes of the Trishna web series from there. However, if you are willing to watch this web series for free, so, unfortunately, Kooku is a paid OTT platform, you have to buy their subscription plan to watch this web series or any of their web series. So we’d suggest you buy a Kooku subscription and enjoy all of their web series.

Watch Trishna Kooku Web Series Trailer

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