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Today people in the world are dealing with a pandemic disease Coronavirus. Many people are dying due to this virus and developed countries like the USA, Italy, Spain, Germany including the whole world is not able to get rid off from this pandemic disease. In our religious country India we have a strong Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is taking big decisions to save our lives. First of all, we should say thanks to our PM for his strong decisions. Our government has announced 21 days the whole country lockdown. It means we have to stay in our home without interacting with others from our neighbors or relatives or any people.

Many people get bored during this time and it will be difficult for everyone to spend these 21 days. But you can entertain yourself by watching web series, movies, and songs. Web series is a better way to spend time at home. Today I am going to introduce a Tadap web series released on Ullu. Now if you are not familiar with Ullu then here I want to let you know Ullu is an online video streaming app. You can download and subscribe to watch web series released on this App.

Story of Tadap Web Series

As Ullu wrote, “A Love story based in a city of West Bengal trapped in the old tradition of our society, where a girl sacrifices everything for her love. To become a single soul, both choose a path and soon face the ocean of troubles. While they are trying to handle things, destiny interferes and a well-settled single parent enters in the girl’s life showing the difference between dreams and reality.”

How to Watch and Download Tadap Web Series?

For your information, if you want to watch or download this web series then you should first download Ullu Application from Play Store. Then you have to subscribe for prime membership of Ullu to watch its videos and web series. Ullu provides four subscription plans.

1. For 15 Days
2. For 3 Months
3. For Six Months and
4. For 1 year

Tadap Web Series Official Trailer

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