Watch: Indian Army Gets Euphoric Welcome At Delhi Airport By Staff Members & Passengers

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In times when some journalists and people are busy in raising question on the role of army and continuously posting aspersion about army. This video has been doing the rounds on social media where army personnel’s being welcomed on Delhi Airport. Passengers and staff members at Airport were seen applauding and clapping for these Jawans. This video is answer to all those people who have been raising question on army and always efforts to disparage army. Several ex- army personnel’s have applauded & thanked people for their gesture toward army. And they have said that this would really encourage army and boost their confidence. Major Gaurav Arya has shared this video on Twitter.

Later on he told the Indian express:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaTmtAeMaYE[/embedyt]

Indian Troops were returning from a UN mission and landed at Indira Gandhi International Airport today at 0300 hrs. The soldiers and officers were greeted on arrival by spontaneous applause by the staff and also other passengers. I have never seen this happening in India. Reaction to this is simply fantastic, in the Army. They feel honoured and loved.

We must watch this video and share it with our friends and family so that from the next time onward, if we happen to see any Army personnel so we can also give them the same welcome as these people have given them in this video.

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