WATCH: Pak fan who threw ‘Baap Kaun Hai’ taunt at Shami beaten up by Indian supporters?

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Several videos of unruly behavior of Pakistani fans have surfaced on the internet after the epic battle between India and Pakistan final since Sunday. India was thrashed severely by Pakistani team in Sunday ICC Championship Trophy.

Earlier too umpteen videos have posted on facebook and youtube in which Pakistani and Indian fans are abusing or seen taunting each other. However, this particular video was taken a right after the match wherein Pakistani fans are seen taunting various Indian players by singing songs, hurling abuses at Indian player.

In the video, a Pakistani fan is asking Kohli ” Toot gayi teri akkad.” However, Kohli did not reply to fans and went inside the dressing room. Pakistani fans were unstoppable, and they were heard saying “Baap Kaun Hai”, while players were stepping towards the dressing room.
While other players maintained silence, but, Shami lost his cool and confronted the fan asking him to repeat the same words. Dhoni who was behind him handled the situation and took him away from the Scene.

Now another video has been posted online claiming that same Pakistani fan got beaten up by Indians outside the stadium.
There is huge crowd gathering from both sides, and security personnel have been seen controlling the entire situation.


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