Top 11 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women In The World

Stockholm  may have lost its number one spot on our ranking of cities with  beautiful women, but Sweden is still firmly in first place on this list.  The first time you visit Sweden is an unreal experience as you realize  that everything you have ever heard is, in fact, true! The women are tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed goddesses whom are friendly and educated to boot. There must be something in the  air, because Swedish men also took the number one spot on our list of  places with the best looking men. So start planning your trip to Sweden  and maybe check out a few other countries on this list as well.



I  have no doubts that Argentina has not only the most beautiful women in  South America but the entire Western Hemisphere as well! Maybe it’s the  high-fashion or the romantic culture, or maybe it’s just because the  women are tall, striking beauties, but there’s truly something special  about them. This isn’t Rio de Janeiro and not to bash Brazil, but  Argentinean women are the type of girls that are just as at home at a  black-tie event, as they are at the beach.



The  Ukraine is perhaps most famous for mail-order brides and though this  isn’t a fair characterization, if you had ever visited the country you  would try to place an order yourself. Kiev, the capital, is a great city  and it ranked number one on our list of the ten cities with the world’s  most beautiful women. More than just the capital though, the Ukraine  also has a beautiful Black Sea coast which, in the summertime, is home  to thousands of beautiful women in skimpy bathing suits. Check out the  city of Odessa if scantily-clad women are the type of thing that  interests you.


IRAN: Iran is another country which is famous for its beautiful girls. The blonde, dusky girls look ravishing even in hijab. 



Russia  makes an appearance at number four on this list, but when we’re talking  about women this beautiful, there’s really only a slight difference  between number four and number one. For 4,000 miles all the way from  Moscow to Siberia the women in Russia are drop-dead gorgeous. Siberia may even be the most interesting part of Russia,  as there’s a mix of European descent Russians and Asiatic descent  Russians. Nothing hotter than a tall, well-dressed Asian woman, speaking  Russian.



Not  as well-known as many of the other Eastern European countries on this  list, Bulgaria’s reputation is bound to improve once word gets out on  just how great this country is. Bulgaria is home to ski resorts, a  lively capital city, medieval towns, great beaches on the Black Sea and  one more thing, GORGEOUS WOMEN! The most striking thing about Bulgarian  women is that they are often tall with pale skin, dark hair, and blue or green eyes.



Even the average looking Czech girls can easily hypnotize your eyes with their dazzling appearance. Then guess how does a beautiful girl of Czech looks like. Their alluring looks can catch the eyeballs of everyone.



Colombia’s neighbor, Venezuela, attracts  most of the attention with its perennial Miss Universe Pageant winners,  but where it matters, on the streets, Colombian girls are just a bit  hotter than their Venezuelan counterparts. Why the country doesn’t do  better in beauty pageants is anyone’s guess, but maybe, just maybe,  Colombian women are too hot for pageants? Check out the city of  Cartagena on the Caribbean coast to see a place that really dazzles, but  watch out, you might not want to come back.



Denmark is the gateway to Scandinavia and it doesn’t disappoint. The girls here are beautiful, blonde-haired, blue-eyed vixens that will leave you wondering how anything could have ever been rotten  in the state of Denmark. The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen, a  charming yet exciting city located on the water. The Danes have created  one of the most liberal societies on earth and nowhere is that more  apparent than in Copenhagen.



The Dutch are world famous for their  welcoming attitudes and humor and the women are no exception. The city  of Amsterdam took the number 8 spot on our list of cities with beautiful  women and the rest of the country is no slouch either. Shorties be  warned though, Holland is home to the tallest people in the world and  the average woman here is over 5 ft 7 inches tall!



There’s nothing appealing about Canada’s  nickname, “The Great White North”, but what is appealing about Canada  is the warmth of the people and the looks of its women. Similar to the  United States, Canada is a multicultural society and as such its women  hail from every ethnicity and nationality. However, there is one  noticeable difference from its southern neighbor, Canada’s obesity rates are about half those of the U.S.


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