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Digital Rupee, 5G and More: Budget 2022 Lays Out Blueprint for India’s Digital Transformation

With its slew of tech initiatives, the Union Budget 2022 is earmarking a major step forward for the digital transformation of the already digital-friendly India. The online entertainment industry is potentially one of the biggest gainers as the government shifts its focus to digital infrastructure and investment. From digital rupee to 5G, digital transformation is […]

Spyware Pegasus Used to Leak Data of Indian Journalists, Ministers, Oppositions, Businessmen

Here is shocking news for Indian cybersecurity agencies, because a spyware Pegasus is used to snoop on Indian Journalists, Ministers, Opposition, Scientists, and Businessmen. What is Spyware Pegasus? Pegasus is spyware, which was sold by the NSO Group of Israel. This spyware is used to conduct surveillance of any person using their mobile phone. How […]

King Cobra VS Black Mambas Find Out Who is more venomous and Dangerous In This Article

Which Is World Largest Venomous Snake? Snakes are the most dangerous species in the world. While talking about danger, the venomous snakes are experts in that. The two famous and most venomous snakes in the world are King Cobra and Black Mamba. The King cobra vs Black Mamba, both having unique nature and specialties’ to […]

Punjab Bolda By Ranjit Bawa – In Support of Farmers Against Farmers Act 2020

Hello Friends, Everyone is now aware of the Farmers who are protesting across India specially from Punjab and Haryana. The current BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) Government has passed three bills for Farmers known as farmers act 2020. According to the government, these bills are in the favour of farmers. But the farmer’s thinking is the […]

Who is Sahil Choudhary? YouTuber Arrested for Allegedly Posting Abusive Content Against Women

Famous Youtuber Sahil Chaudhary who is known be to continue raising his voice against culprits of Sushant Singh Rajput has been arrested by Mumbai Police. According to Mumbai Police, Sahil Chaudhary has been arrested by Mumbai Police for uploading Abusive content against women. He has accepted that he posted the videos to gain views and […]

Did you see this magic if not then Google ‘Thanos’ for an Avengers Easter Egg

Google Search is home to a new Easter egg celebrating today’s theatrical release of Avengers: Endgame. Just Google “Thanos” on desktop or mobile, and then click the gauntlet. Go ahead, I’ll wait for you… In the meantime maybe check out our spoiler-free review. Welcome back. As you saw, clicking the gem-studded gauntlet triggers an Easter […]

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