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Google Search is home to a new Easter egg celebrating today’s theatrical release of Avengers: Endgame. Just Google “Thanos” on desktop or mobile, and then click the gauntlet.

Go ahead, I’ll wait for you…

In the mean time maybe check out our spoiler-free review.

Welcome back.

As you saw, clicking the gem-studded gauntlet triggers an Easter egg and the power of the Infinity Stones to wipe out half the search results on the page. Did you see the 90,700,000 results drop to 45,350,000 in just 0.44 seconds? Click the glove again to return your world to normal — if only it was that easy.

Rules That Guys Wish Girls Knew(1)
Sometimes we don't want to talk. So don't take it personally. Helpless is not cute at all. Do not beat around the bush, just come to the point. Checking other woman does not mean that we are planning to dump you. It's just our nature. If you think that you are fat, then don't ask