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Did you see this magic if not then Google ‘Thanos’ for an Avengers Easter Egg

Google Search is home to a new Easter egg celebrating today’s theatrical release of Avengers: Endgame. Just Google “Thanos” on desktop or mobile, and then click the gauntlet. Go ahead, I’ll wait for you… In the meantime maybe check out our spoiler-free review. Welcome back. As you saw, clicking the gem-studded gauntlet triggers an Easter […]

20 Types of People You Meet While Travelling in an Indian Train

Train’s are the lifeline of Indians. We all have our shares of sweet and bitter memories while traveling on Indian Trains. Train journeys are quite adventurous and full of fun because you get to see new places and new people. Those small conversations and chit chat with your fellow passengers make your trip memorable and […]

Watch Funny Babies & Cat Compilation Videos Where Babies Annoying Cats

Do you love watching funny cat videos? And die for funny babies videos? Then, you should definitely watch this video where both cats and babies have go together to spread a smile on your face. In this funny video, you will watch cute babies playing or annoying cats and adorable reaction of cat will make […]

23 Insults One-Liners Quotes-Funniest Insult Jokes You can use to Insult Someone

If you are looking for some epic one-line insults then this page is for you. We have compiled the 15 best one-liner insults that can make anyone feel embarrassed. Do read and try this with your friends and whom you hate the most. Meanest and Funny insult one Liners Why don’t you slip into something […]

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