haunted places in bangalore

These 4 Real Ghost Stories of Bangalore Will Surely Give You GooseBumps!!

Horror Genre always evokes curiosity and easily catches the attention of everyone. Everybody irrespective of their age, demographic location, and faith sooner or later in their lives have either heard or encountered supernatural things. Whether believe it or not supernatural talks bound to catch your interest. Nonetheless, there are many people out there who raise […]

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10 Worst Serial Killers World has Ever Seen

Who are the best serial killers in the history? Who are the best serial killers in the history of humankind is a question that intrigues everyone. Serial killers are criminals who are engaged in killing three or four people usually in service of abnormal psychological gratification. Over the decades, we have come across several grave […]

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Haunted Bhangarh Fort Truth

What you should know about Haunted Bhangarh Fort?

Is the Bhangarh Fort haunted? What is truth Behind it? Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan is most famous for it’s scary and haunted stories. In this video, you will see the unsolved stories of India’s most Haunted Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan mystery. How this fort became a most haunted place. This place is most famous for its haunted […]

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real rajasthan ghost stories

5 Most Haunted Places in Rajasthan That Are To Scary To Visit Alone! Have A Look

Rajasthan is famous worldwide for its ancient buildings, magnificent palaces, and royalty. It is one of the most favorite tourist destination. Every year millions of tourist from around the world lands in this prominent place to catch a glimpse of this beautiful places. However, beneath the magnificent history of this place lies terrifying tales of […]

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ghost pictures

Watch Top Ten Ghost videos caught on camera that will scare the shit out of you!

Have you seen the top 10 ghost videos of all times? If not, then go ahead and watch these top ten scary ghost videos that will scare the shit out of you. All ghost videos that have been listed in this video will make you believe in ghost have a look! [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTjXEwA0qiE[/embedyt]

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real exorcism video caught on tape

Scariest Exorcism Video Caught on Tape: Demon Possessed a Girl

If you that exorcism are not real and they happen only in movie;then, you must watch the following video which shows the real exorcism of a young girl which is being captured on camera. It is a real video and very scary. Just have a look on it.  [embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV1EYBCS2x8[/embedyt]

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10 Horror Movies Released in 2017

10 Horror Movies Released in 2017 Which People Were Dying to Watch

The genre of horror is an evergreen topic for filmmakers to make excellent movies. Over the years, filmmakers have made enormous money out of this genre. So, here we are bringing to you ten horror movies of 2017 that everyone was dying to watch. Split: Night Shaymalan who had made a strong comeback in 2015 […]

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12 Mysterious and Creepy Pictures That Can’t be Explained!

Often it is being claimed by the scientists that Ghosts does not exist in real world. And they are just consequences of our imagination. However, sometimes we get encountered by some strange events in our lives that compel us to believe in the presence of ghosts. There is a long debate going on between people who […]

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Top 10 Non-Hollywood (Foreign) Horror Movies That You Should Not Watch Alone!!

The genre of horror has always succeeded in catching the eyeballs of the viewer. Whether while watching a horror movie people tend to jump off their seat, or bite their nails in excitement or getting scared to death, but they still  love watching horror movies. Considering the likeness of people for this genre, over the […]

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Haunted Places in the World

कमजोर दिल वाले यहां न आएं,ये हैं World के सबसे Haunted Place

In this world, many places are famous for haunted stories. These places are those where peoples have seen the real ghosts. Know about the world’s most haunted houses and other places. These scary places where people are afraid to go there. Below watch the video of these haunted places.

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